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Each New Day!

By Rae Lewis-Thornton

March 4, 2013

So we've made it to March already! Where has the time gone? I know for me this year has been non-stop health issues. I've been trying simply to keep my head above water. Honestly, today I can say that I'm starting to feel a lot better!

The mediport seems to be actually healing now. The herpes is gone. I'm not really sure how the herpes went away. I only had one round of the Cidofovir and by that time it was basically healed. It typically takes 3-5 rounds.

Maybe it was the acupuncture. I'm not sure, I'm just grateful. The one day on Cidofovir, I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck. It's a very hard drug to take. So the fact that the herpes went away so quickly was a blessing for sure and, if truth be told, nothing short of a miracle.

So here we are in March and today starts my first day of trying to play catch up! I have to complete my spring RLT Collection and get it to the photographers. I have so so so many blogs in my spirit to share with you! This week makes 3 years for my blog and I'm so happy! We will be having a new look by next month. So stay tuned ...

I don't have anything profound to say today! My mind is to cluttered to put anything on paper. I just wanted to say, no matter what life throws your way, just keep right on living! Keep living because each new day is a new day filled with possibilities.

Back at the beginning of February I thought I wouldn't make it to March without cracking up, but I did. I did it one day at a time.; embracing whatever came my way each new day. And each new day got me closer and closer to better.

I know I make it sound simple. When you are going through, tomorrow seems impossible. But as sure as I'm alive and today is Monday, each new day has a miracle in it!

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