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Journeying Through Wilderness

By Rev. Andrena Ingram

March 1, 2013

I am still here! I feel like Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny, not that I am hunting anyone... but I have been and and trying to be vewy, vewy quiet!

I am vewy, vewy tired. The end of the church year is hella busy, with what seems like a month full of church services. The first week in December I went to speak in Minneapolis for a World AIDS event, came back and the season was off and running!

Advent and Christmas over, I took a breath, and then it was the beginning of the year, with preparations for our annual meeting. I don't have an office assistant, and everyone in the congregation works. So it's just me. Very unfortunate. Bulletins, and liturgies and annual reports! Oh my!

My birthday was Feb 3... turned 58 and am so grateful to still be here, in relatively good health. The month of Feb was kind of a breather... until Feb 13th, which was Ash Wednesday... and now the church is in the season of Lent.

... hence "journeying through the wilderness". Lent is a 40 day journey through the hidden recesses of our hearts, to focus on things that are not pleasing to God, to focus on how we can get closer to God.

During Lent, there is an additional midweek service... more energy. I am tired, in need of a vacation, and just need to 'be still' and pace myself ... as we approach Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and, finally, Easter!

I have had a very public and intense year (last year). And I am being rather intentional about lying low for awhile. Being vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting for God. I know God is here already, but I need to get closer.

For me, that means getting closer to God's people. To the community.

... just need to figure out how to do that without 'burning myself out'.

I pray you all are well. Catch ya sometime in April, after I have rebounded from Easter.


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