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God Is Trying To Tell You Something

By Rev. Andrena Ingram

January 14, 2013

In moments of quietude, before I head over to the Community Meal, I find myself meditating on God. I find myself wondering what God is gonna say to me this morning, through the many folks who will enter into 'our house' for a meal. I find myself, still basking in last week's Word about the 3 wise men, who entered the house and encountered the Christ child and Mary, bowing before Christ and offering up their gifts. I wonder what gifts the wise ones in the community will offer today, while understanding that just their presence is enough.

I also find myself during the busiest time of the day, running to and fro, and dealing with one thing after another – listening for God's voice whispering in my ear ...I am always wondering what God is trying to tell me.

I was reminded of this song this past week: "God is trying to tell you something" from the movie "The Color Purple". I have watched it a few times this morning, praising God for whatever it is, God is trying to tell me.

My soul resonates with "Shug", who has an interesting (to say the least) background, doing her thing down by the riverside, a short distance away from her father's church (from whom she has been estranged). Shug is 'holding court' and singing her usual 'genre of songs'. At the same time, you can hear the choir singing in the church.

"So let me tell you something" ...

It seems as though *grace* herself sings and whispers in Shug's ear, stopping Shug dead in her place, and she is led by the Holy Spirit down that ole dusty road (with her entourage in tow) and *grace* busts through the door of the church, in the midst of her father's preaching and the choir singing.

As Shug makes her way down that road, it seems to be a moment of "call and response" – between the choir and Shug, and Shug and the choir. Between God and Shug, and Shug and God.

Even before Shug enters the sanctuary, it's as if *grace* is whispering in the congregations ears: *she's back* ... *she's coming home*. When *grace* shows up, everybody pays attention, and sometimes all you can do, is stand in awe – take your glasses OFF – to see God's grace in motion.

I don't know what God will have for me today, but I know that I will be watching, and listening, and entering into this new day, asking God to *speak to me*.

Has God been trying to tell you something? One thing I know for sure is that God is always trying to tell us that she loves us, that she cares for us, and that she forgives us. Everything else is gravy.

Yes ... even sinners have souls too. Even me.

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