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Don't Think You Can't Learn More About HIV

By Alive2

September 21, 2012

When I came to this site I wasn't as knowledgeable about much of anything involving HIV/AIDS; I wasn't sure what the numbers meant, much less how they affected my health. I was more worried and was just looking to be able to make some sense of what I was facing, and find out how much more I was going to fall apart. I hadn't realized yet that having HIV wasn't going to kill me as I thought it would. After all, when I was a younger man the whole issue wasn't if it would kill you, but how long you had to live with it before it eventually did.

I felt I was facing imminent death at a much faster pace due to HIV. Sure seems like eons ago now that I'm more knowledgeable about the issue and how we can strive to live a long life with the help of our medications and the facts the doctors have through researchers and scientists. It took a long time to come to grips with my diagnosis, more so because of the fears through not having the answers to the many questions I had at the beginning.

After many days turned into months I began to start to know enough information to become my own best advocate through questions to people here, and the many questions I posed to my doctors. Many of the people I met through this site were very helpful -- some more than others; some were just plain wrong on certain issues. But soon I realized those who were wrong were either misinformed or, like me, just didn't know.

As the months started to turn into years, I found out there are way too many people in this world who believe the wrong information, not because they're dumb, just because they weren't taught the correct information or turned to the wrong people for their information. By doing this they try different things that are more harmful to themselves, instead of doing what was the best for their lives. When we go to the doctors they are the ones best informed now on this issue so it makes sense to listen to them and not just believe what we may find on the Internet.

Although I learned through this site that sometimes you can count on some of the information on the Internet, meaning the direction the doctors on this site will advise us on; but our personal doctors are our best chance because we don't have to wait for an answer as long as we may for a question to be answered on, due to the high volume I'm sure the online experts face. Some of us may not have a doctor of our own and we turn to the site to get some kind of answer. There is no substitute for a personal doctor of your own, but I do trust these doctors here without question; they are very knowledgeable and honest.

I'm glad I had enough determination to continue learning and doing what's best for myself, and in doing so, I hope to give an honest thought and opinion to those who have the desire to listen and want to get more out of their lives. Sure I still don't know everything I want to, but, I'm open to learning more too. And if God gives me time I will, and I too will pass on anything I learn -- provided it's truly correct and relevant to what's asked of me.

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