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It's Time to RISE4WAR!

By Reggie Smith

September 10, 2012

It's Time to RISE4WAR!

Having lived with AIDS for over 25 years, I have had many different experiences that I believe we all should benefit from. My wife has been with me the whole time, and she remains HIV negative. We have raised four children and now have four grandchildren, with twins on the way! We educate about the HIV science and the emotional part of this disease, which often goes overlooked.

I was drawn to by the insightful and provocative questions and scenarios that are presented here. Relationships are universal and go beyond sexual orientation, and the unmet emotional needs of those AFFECTED by HIV are as important as the medical needs of those who are diagnosed. We hope to engage the passionate opinions and knowledge of ALL OF YOU on our "rise4war" page, so that we can gain insight into what is REALLY going on in your heads and hearts. Hopefully, our experiences while living with AIDS will be helpful to you too.

The acronym WAR (Wellness, Awareness, Recovery) speaks to both the major issues that experience has taught us that we need to address in order to overcome HIV, and the fact that WE ARE AT WAR with HIV!!! We have lost many soldiers on the battlefield of life as a result of HIV. We are still under siege of its insurgent forces; fear, stigma, homophobia and ignorance. We have come a long way, but we will have to try some new things in order to win the war.

Spiritual, mental, emotional WELLNESS are needed to achieve physical wellness. Self and community AWARENESS will be the way to sustain our progress. In order to address any of those things, we must RECOVER from the addictive behaviors that keep us locked in the bondage of self.

"WAR" is an initiative that looks to bring all our forces together to serve the greater good. WE ARE THE CALVARY THAT WE ARE WAITING FOR!! Churches and medical professionals are the NAVY, AIDS and recovery service organizations are the ARMY, WE, here in the social media are the AIR FORCE. The MARINES are the people who have been diagnosed with the disease, the boots on the ground. The youth are the FBI/CIA, and the homeless are the COAST GUARD/HOMELAND SECURITY.

So, I WANT YOU FOR MY WAR ON AIDS!!! So, in the same spirit of love and respect that THEBODY is modeling here, we invite you to Please like "Rise4war" on FB, follow RISE -- the multimedia magazine on twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter at so we can show you how to participate in your own survival, and not be complicit in your own demise. YOU CAN ALSO continue to read my blogs and get great information about HIV here at TheBody.COM

Please "enlist" and get in where you fit in as we "PARTICIPATE IN OUR OWN SURVIVAL"!! My wife, family and I thank you from our entire hearts for all you do to raise conscious awareness about what will create healing from HIV. God loves you, and so do we!

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