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Aaron Laxton

My HIV Journey

Me and My HIV Horse-Sized Pill Before Bed
June 8, 2012

"This is my nightly ritual and it will be the nightly ritual for me for the remainder of my life. ... It's not as simple as just taking one pill; it's taking one very expensive pill."

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My Letter to HIV: A Video From Aaron Laxton
May 2, 2012

My Journey: My Letter to HIV

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Dealing with Addiction
April 26, 2012

Addiction and substance abuse is something that can not only get out of hand but can and does ruin people's lives every day. In this video I talk about my own addiction to Crystal Meth and offer some guidance to those that might be battling addiction.

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HIV Day 318; Piercings and Tattoos For HIV-Poz Peeps
April 19, 2012

A brief video covering the topic of safety regarding tattoos and piercings for HIV-positive individuals. This video stems from a viewer that had questions regarding being poz and wanting to get body art. I hope this video answers some questions for you.

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What the Leather Community Means to Me
March 5, 2012

I wanted to take a moment and talk about what Leather means to me. It is more than what a person is or is not into and rather is more about simply being who you are. I am thankful to be a part of this great community and count myself very lucky.

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Shit Gay Guys Say at Risk of HIV
January 22, 2012

So I figured I would join the madness of things people say. All of the following things might be heard from a gay guy that is horny ...

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Is AIDS Funny?
December 2, 2011

Is something that has killed more people that all the world wars together funny? Is something that has picked through an entire generation funny? If not then why do we simply dismiss the topic with jokes regarding AIDS?

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My HIV Journey Channel Bloopers
October 16, 2011

Decided to have a little fun and show you that even though my videos look as if I never make mistakes, I do. Here is a few clips and for the record I curse when I mess up on a video.

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My HIV Journey

Aaron Laxton

Aaron Laxton

I am simply a guy who on June 6, 2011, received the news that over 33 million people have received: I am HIV positive. I decided in that split moment to record the journey that I was embarking on so that I might help others as they receive that news.

I am not a doctor and I do not endorse any agenda other than simply living a healthy life. I am an activist and advocate and simply want to make the world a better place. I hold a degree in sociology and psychology. I am a product of the Missouri Foster System and this is one of my main passions, second only to the work I do with HIV/AIDS outreach and prevention.

I embrace a sex-positive model. People are going to have sex; it is a natural part of who we are. However we need to make sure that it is safe. I can be found on weekends throughout St. Louis, Missouri, passing out condoms and safe-sex kits.

I am now an M.S.W. student at Saint Louis University's College of Public Health and Social Justice and the School of Social Work.

Whether in St. Louis, D.C. or around the nation, I always jump at the chance to help change not only policies to better serve those that need help but to also change the landscape of the society that we live in.

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