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Aaron Laxton

My HIV Journey

The Changing Face of HIV/AIDS Activism
February 24, 2013

Ask anyone involved in HIV/AIDS activism about the current state of the movement and the answers might range anywhere from stagnated, stalled or quite possibly a bit more optimistic, citing the phrase "AIDS-free generation." The answer typically denotes the person's experience within the community and to some degree reflects their journey with HIV/AIDS. We have inched closer to longer life-expectancy while at the same time creating a diminished a sense of urgency and self-determination that as a community we once had, but now have lost.

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One HIV-Infected Queer's Response to the State of the Union Address
February 14, 2013

Recently the news of a school massacre with twenty children killed galvanized media outlets around the world. In the days and weeks after, politicians from both sides of the aisle dug in for what would without doubt be a long fight regarding gun reform. As a person who is living with HIV I am left to question, where is this same passion and fervor regarding a CURE for HIV/AIDS?

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HIV Meds and False Positives on Drug Tests
February 11, 2013

Recently I took a drug test and found that I tested positive for THC or marijuana. After doing some research I discovered that many HIV meds can cause false positives on drug screens. This video talks about this.

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On a Trip to Memphis: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and My Activism
January 29, 2013

As an activist and advocate it is always good to take time and re-dedicate yourself to change. During my recent trip to Memphis, Tenn., USA, I visited the place in which Dr. King was assassinated and I talk about what this trip meant to me.

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AIDS, Grief and Loss: Pain of Being Alive
January 14, 2013

This is a video aimed at addressing the loss that many long-term survivors face. There can be pain associated with the loss as well as with simply still being alive. Do you have these feelings?

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A Worthless Foster Kid for Life?
January 12, 2013

Worldwide I have gained notoriety for "My HIV Journey." However, HIV is only one aspect of who I am. Being a foster child and the associated trauma is something that I struggle with daily. I was taken into care at age 3 and spent over 15 years in the care of people other than my parents. I became a product of a system that would go away when I aged out at 18.

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Day 571: Nausea ... Need I Say More?
December 28, 2012

So many people think that you are only sick when you first become infected with HIV and that is simply not true. Part of living with HIV can be dealing with nausea related to HIV as well as from the medications we take to control the HIV.

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Day 547: Remembering That I Am HIV Infected
December 4, 2012

Last night I had a dream and in it I was quite scared. Every now and then something will remind me that I am infected with a virus that without drug intervention and treatment would lead to extreme sickness and ultimately death. Even with treatment a person infected with HIV has a decreased lifespan. This is a scary reality and the reason that I share my story with others to help them cope as well as try to stay negative.

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I Have HIV and Current Laws Say I Am a Criminal
November 30, 2012

According to the current criminal statutes in Missouri I am considered a felon. It does not matter that I disclose my HIV status to another person, and it does not matter that I use protection. As stated in the law itself, these things are no defense. I am viewed as a criminal and as a threat to the common good of society, even though I am on medication and undetectable. ...

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A Strategy for the Holiday Season
November 26, 2012

For many of us, HIV can be stressful and make us feel as if no one loves us. In this video I talk about some things that you can do to safeguard against depression as the holidays approach. Your HIV status does not define who you are and there are people who love you and want to spend the holidays with you.

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My HIV Journey

Aaron Laxton

Aaron Laxton

I am simply a guy who on June 6, 2011, received the news that over 33 million people have received: I am HIV positive. I decided in that split moment to record the journey that I was embarking on so that I might help others as they receive that news.

I am not a doctor and I do not endorse any agenda other than simply living a healthy life. I am an activist and advocate and simply want to make the world a better place. I hold a degree in sociology and psychology. I am a product of the Missouri Foster System and this is one of my main passions, second only to the work I do with HIV/AIDS outreach and prevention.

I embrace a sex-positive model. People are going to have sex; it is a natural part of who we are. However we need to make sure that it is safe. I can be found on weekends throughout St. Louis, Missouri, passing out condoms and safe-sex kits.

I am now an M.S.W. student at Saint Louis University's College of Public Health and Social Justice and the School of Social Work.

Whether in St. Louis, D.C. or around the nation, I always jump at the chance to help change not only policies to better serve those that need help but to also change the landscape of the society that we live in.

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