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Hope Is Cure for HIV

By Reggie Smith

August 15, 2012

Reggie with

Reggie with "Berlin Patient" Timothy Brown at a dinner during the International AIDS Conference.

A cure for HIV now seems more feasible because the world can visualize it. Although it is probably more appropriate to call what has happened in the person of Timothy Brown a "sustained virological response", like we do with Hep C, the fact that a human being seems to have been cleared of the HIV retrovirus is indeed promising. That is especially true for those who have had a hard time believing that it would ever be possible. Many of us, including myself, have had to make ourselves believe that a cure is possible and that healing is available to those who seek it.

I contend that the way to raise our collective human consciousness to the level needed to cure HIV, we will have to raise the energy around the belief that it is not only possible, but it is inevitable. That is why it is so important to have an atmosphere that is conducive to sharing honestly. We need to have a place where fear and intimidation do not keep us from saying the things that are on our spirit.

With HIV, hope is the mother of invention, and we need be able to explore those ideas that seem ridiculous. In some cases, capitalism can be a problem as much as it is part of the solution. Money, and the desire to have lots of it, will drive people and companies to fill the needs of those afflicted with HIV. HIV has become big business for many! Conversely, there are those that would suppress invention if it means changing the status quo -- and their personal cash flow. That is how capitalism works.

As I like to say though, it is really not about supply and demand, it is demand and supply! The market is used to telling us what we need, and making us believe it. In the case of HIV (and most things), innovation is driven by the energy that begins with the thought that a thing can be provided. In the case of HIV in the early years before medications, we were getting so beaten down by the HIV retrovirus that we only wanted to get to our feet to take a standing eight count and get out of the round. Now, we believe that we can win the fight, so we are swinging back. The key word is believe.

Hope is created in the mind and nurtured in the spirit. Seeing long term survivors sparks hope in those who are diagnosed with HIV, and that is an important part of healing. Seeing Timothy Brown experience a cure from HIV is a paradigm shifting event. I have cultivated the belief that a cure was possible and now, many others have too. Thank you for helping to raise human consciousness to a point where the demand cannot be ignored by the universe, and by those who have been working diligently to manifest this inevitable reality!

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