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Blog Her: Day One! I'm Growing!

By Rae Lewis-Thornton

August 2, 2012

I made it to New York after a short flight delay... My BFF Luke picked me up and treated me to a French Restaurant in Harlem and then we picked up dessert from Sylvia's, went home and shared it with tea. It was such a wonderful way to end the day! He helped me download Pandora on my iPad and created some play lists. I love Luke he keeps me hip. LOL.

Food was wonderful. New York is never short of wonderful places to eat. Only in Harlem can you get a French restaurant and a soul food restaurant a few doors down from each other.

So I was back up at 6:30 and I've been at Blog Her for a half day. So far so good! I've already met some bloggers so I'm networking. I have already fallen in love with some products. I'll be blogging about them. I simply love this @askbowfex Bow Flex Care Body Reformer. Great Core training but it's so cute, compact and affordable. I'm getting in shape. I will NOT bring this much body fat into 2013. I'm learning it's not good for people living with HIV.

The workshops have been great so far...I'll give you a short update tonight. Moving on to lunch time and more workshops.

Oh yeah, President Obama is addressing us via video at 4:30. It's a full day filled with lots of great information. I'm feeling blessed to be here... Make no mistake, I'm here to grow; and when I grow you grow.

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