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And Then I Found

By Alive2

August 3, 2012

I was surfing the web to find out some information about HIV/AIDS to better handle and cope with my diagnosis, and I stumbled upon this site. Funny how, not actually knowing what it was I was in search of, finding this site was find of all finds. Even though I was already learning things from my doctors, there were issues on the site that stirred my senses.

All the things I was a bit apprehensive to ask were just sitting there on the boards, and the articles had me captivated enough to return. Knowing that this site had the section I liked helped me to connect with others with similar situations and same issues. It was refreshing to know I could ask questions of people I didn't know but felt had knowledge I wanted to know as well. Turns out that as time went by I was gaining all kinds of knowledge I wouldn't have had without coming back to keep on learning more every day. Sure some people didn't have a clue, but others I began to know were most helpful and kept me coming back, because they were honest and straightforward. Those whom I felt were good to know I still try to keep in touch with; some sadly I haven't talked with in a while, but still wonder how they are in their lives.

I guess you can say I was addicted to the site because I felt the more I knew the better off I was, even if some of the knowledge wasn't what I had hoped for. But onward I kept reading and learning.

Some told me it's not healthy to continue on with this obsession of reading about something that can bring some down in spirit. I on the other hand didn't think that I was doing anything but good for both myself and family, as you can learn things to not just help yourself, you can also learn how to be helpful to the rest of your family; after all, they are affected as well, right?

As time has passed all the things have in a way helped me ask the right things of my doc (F. Gbadamosi, Evergreen Healthcare). And through these questions, I think he realized I was beginning to learn so much that he began to ask me if I had any more questions, and if I wrote them down for every visit he would gladly answer them if possible. I feel strongly that without this site, I wouldn't have known where to begin.

So, now that I do know this site and continue to come here, I too am trying to give back where I can and give inspiration where needed, hope where there is none, laughter where there is sadness, and overall honest opinions. But never condemn or say hurtful things; I was treated with open arms without hesitation, therefore I owe it to others who are in our situation.

And yes I'm going to come back tomorrow, good God willing.

If you're new here, don't hesitate to ask questions, and don't be afraid of not knowing things. In order to begin to know means you first have to ask; it's worked for me, I'm certain it will work for you. The only dumb question is one not asked.

I don't claim to be the smartest on HIV/AIDS because I'm still learning new things here every day, so I won't answer anything I'm not knowledgeable about. But I urge you to ask anyway; someone here may have your answer, especially the doctors here.

Now get reading the What's New section, there may be important news there for you and me. Until next time, stay healthy ...

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