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AIDS 2012 Twitter Buzz: Winding Down and Looking Forward

By Becky Allen

July 27, 2012

Today was my last full day in D.C., and it has started to feel like everything is moving in slow motion. I've only just learned the shortest route between the exhibit hall and the media center, but now it's all closing up. But even as it starts to wind down, people are starting to look toward the future.

HIV Is Not a Crime ... Or at Least, It Shouldn't Be

The criminalization of HIV is a huge topic right now, especially in America. It's clear that things need to change, especially policies:

Prevention Is the Mother of Necessity

Not surprisingly, at a conference like AIDS 2012, prevention is one of the most-talked about topics throughout. The discussion is enormous and multi-faceted, with everything from important stats to discussing who needs to be involved and looking at new programs and innovations.

And, of course, there are condoms everywhere, most especially thanks to the vocal and eye-catching condomize campaign. Though not everyone is a fan:

The Future of AIDS ... and the Future of the AIDS Conference

Though the exclusion of sex workers and drug users who can't travel to the U.S. has been a huge disappointment throughout the conference, it's great that the HIV travel ban was repealed and that having AIDS 2012 here in the U.S. reminds us of the epidemic at home. The next conference will be held in Australia in 2014, and hopefully things will be looking much brighter then, as the community closes in on the goals set for 2015. It's hard to say what'll happen, but hopefully those goals will be met:

An Optimistic Note to End On

New prevention isn't the only reason for optimism right now. Today featured a packed session about the cure, and some genuinely amazing news:

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