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AIDS 2012 Twitter Buzz: The Dog Days of the Conference

By Becky Allen

July 26, 2012

As we pass the halfway point for AIDS 2012, everyone -- even intrepid tweeters -- has started to get tired. We've all seen the sights -- especially the condoms -- but that doesn't mean all was quiet on the social media front. Here's a roundup of a few more topics that were popular today.

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention

Of course, any conference that talks about turning the tide against HIV is going to have to discuss how to keep new infections down. Prevention is key to ending HIV, and it's also important to many, many people on Twitter ...

People on Twitter discussed how treatment may be prevention -- but what does that mean where treatment isn't available? Plus how culture, policy and faith can have an impact. Not to mention microbicides ...

... and safer sex ...

The Young and the Old

HIV affects over 2.2 million adolescents, but is also spreading among older adults. Maybe older people can be leaders, but then again, so can the youth.

Though it would be a little easier if both groups had gender equality:

Which brings me back to ...

Gender and HIV (Again)

Maybe it's just my bias, but it feels like the conference has been utterly filled with critical discussion of gender politics and women's rights. People have tweeted to discuss the link between gender violence and HIV risk; how gender inequality leads to HIV; how gender roles limit equality; and how prevention for women is cheaper than treatment.

HIV Is Not a Crime

The fact of the matter is that even though there's some good news, HIV stigma and criminalization are still global issues. And they're also domestic issues: North America has the highest number of prosecutions for HIV criminalization -- Canada and the U.S. both.

Let's be real: This kind of thing just isn't just.

An Optimistic Note to End On

Conference days may just feel longer and longer as we go on, but it's only because so much is happening, and there's so much to do, and to learn.

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