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Justin Runs the Rebel Race 2012 (Maryland/DC I)
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By Justin B. Terry-Smith

July 19, 2012

There are a lot of things I hope to accomplish and being HIV positive not only pushes me harder but makes me open to new things and possibilities. I love a challenge and I almost thrive on them. In February some of my friends were talking about us doing the Rebel Race. I had no idea what it was so I googled it. I watched a video of people running up steep hills, doing low crawls through mud, jumping through hurdles, etc. There were all sorts of obstacle courses and so I e-mailed my close friends and we decided to run it.

Here is a 'Before' and 'After' pic.

Here is a "Before" and "After" pic.

So on June 7th, 2012 we all decided to drive to 4101 Stansbury Mill Rd Monkton, Maryland 21111, which is where the Rebel Race is. We started the race at the same time but finished at different time but ALL IN ALL WE DID IT TOGETHER!!! My husband and other spouses sat in support and shouted as we ran across the finish line. It was amazing to see my baby at the finish line waiting for me.

Being HIV positive doesn't mean that you cannot do things that you've had your heart set on. You have to stay focused and believe in yourself. Do NOT let HIV dictate who you are or what you cannot do. If there is anyone out there that says you cannot do something because you are HIV positive then you tell them that there isn't anything you cannot do.

Group pictures. Group pictures.

Group pictures.



Map of the course -- Maryland/DC I.

Map of the course -- Maryland/DC I.

Course length:

Rebel Race is offering a 3.1 mile race and a 9.3 mile race in the Maryland/DC area. (The Mid-Atlantic 9.3 mile race is a brutal extension of the 3.1 mile race)

Wave times:

9:30am (5k)11:00am (5k)12:30pm (5k) 
10:00am (5k)11:30am (5k)1:00pm (5k)3:00pm (15k)
10:30am (5k)12:00pm (5k)2:00pm (5k) 

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