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Ria Denise
Lyfe Positive

Getting Poked: An Annual Flu Shot and Living With HIV
January 27, 2014

I am curious to know why is it that when something is needed pretty much every year, the supply for such things do not meet the demand. In this case, I am speaking about the flu shot and this happens every single year. What makes this year different is that in my neck of the woods, it is an alarming number of people dying from the flu. What scares me most is that all of these people are healthy with no known illnesses prior to nor found after their unfortunate demise. One of those was an associate that I know through a family member.

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What? Adherence? What About It?
October 8, 2012

Being HIV positive is not fun, at least not for me. At some point, a person who is in my shoes starts thinking about the process of medications, doctors visits and everything in between that they have to do to keep themselves as healthy as possible. I believe that this is possibly one of the greatest stressors for people with any chronic illness.

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The Soundtrack of My Life
August 23, 2012

Have you ever wanted to know what the soundtrack of your life would be? If moments in your life had a theme song that played or fit that exact moment what would it be?

Since yesterday was a lazy and equally stressful one for me, this morning I found myself sitting in my living room, writing poetry, listening to music and waiting for my one of my princesses (my oldest niece) to awake ... I was wondering just that.

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The Beginning of a New Me
August 16, 2012

Early on in life I knew I was going to be someone important and so did those who surrounded me. I always longed to be a part of something big and eventually around six years old I decided on being a doctor when I grew up. I never faltered from that dream till this day.

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