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My Treasures, Continued

By Betsy Yung

June 9, 2012

Continuing my inventory of stuff saved from what seems like other lifetimes I've lived ... on some other planet far away from here or perhaps another reality. It's hard to collate life now with anything it was before. I wish I could find a way to explain, but I just can't find enough of the right words to convey what I'm feeling. I'll trust that you'll bear with me through this process ... I'm a beginner at all this.

Anyway, another tray-full of precious treasures:

So, there's a few more things you've learned about me via the treasures in my little case.

I've enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I haven't looked at most of these things in a long, long time.

Since my ass is falling asleep now, it's time to do a little walking to please my ID doctor who wants my CD4 count to be higher than my weight by the next time I see him.

Smile, stay on the sunny side of the street and take life one day at a time. Always give an honest opinion and always use a condom.

Love and hugs,

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