HIV News & Views, June 7, 2012
June 7, 2012
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Nelson Vergel Nelson Vergel: 10 News Items That Have Made Me Happy During the Past Month
"These past several weeks have been great on many fronts. ... I counted a few of the great pieces of news that have come our way amidst all the negative news that the media dwells on to increase ratings."

Alive2 Alive2: Now I Have to Keep Living
"Being so focused on just HIV/AIDS held my mind captive. And until I fully understood what the whole process does to a person and knew how to break that way of dwelling on just that one aspect of my life, I wouldn't break the depression."

Rev. Andrena Ingram Rev. Andrena Ingram: Women, HIV and Changing the Church
"I came out [about my HIV status] because I know that it is one of the first ways we can begin to eradicate stigma and discrimination. It is a way to eradicate the silence, the fear and the shame. It is a way to do as Jesus did: teach and heal."

Brandon Lacy Campos Brandon Lacy Campos: Getting Past the Gay Marriage Issue to What Really Matters
"It's time to get 'Beyond Marriage' as a movement. ... I can guarantee you that a homeless black lesbian mother would give you a prioritized list of needs, and the right to marry wouldn't be one of them."

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I Had No Idea I Was Positive -- And Neither Does My Boyfriend
(A recent post from the "I Just Tested Positive" board)

"I tested positive a week ago. I've been seeing this absolutely AMAZING guy for about a month now. I was recently tested in March and came back negative. I had no idea I was positive, but unfortunately that is the case and I must deal. What I have to face tomorrow is telling my boyfriend. ... I'm honestly so nervous and scared, I simply do not know how to handle it. I haven't even had time to digest the fact that I'M positive and MY life is changing because I have been so concerned about him and telling him. ... Has anybody been faced with this?!"

 -- anton2307

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question marks New Fact Sheet: Can HIV Infection Be Cured?
We've learned a dizzying amount of new info over the past few years that has us more hopeful than ever about finding an eventual cure for HIV. AIDS InfoNet briefly sums up everything we know to date with this handy new fact sheet.

Also available in Spanish.

Roundtable Panelists Breaking Down Barriers to Transgender Health and HIV Care
What factors keep health institutions from being the safe spaces they should be for trans people to receive care? And what can providers do right now to bring awareness of trans issues into their own practices? Powerful transgender community health advocates get to the bottom of these questions.

HIV news U.S. Scientists Identify New HIV-Inhibiting Protein
Researchers believe they may have found a new way to prevent HIV from attaching to the human cells it tries to infect. The finding revolves around a protein that blocks the HIV attachment process in a different manner than current HIV meds.

More Headlines on HIV Treatment & Health Issues:

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    deepsouth deepsouth, a New HIV/AIDS Documentary, Premieres in July caught up with director Lisa Biagiotti to talk about what prompted her to make this telling documentary about HIV/AIDS in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, the process of getting people with HIV/AIDS to participate, and what she hopes viewers take away from her labor of love.

    Tinselyn Simms-Hall Why This Fall's Election Matters to Women Living With and Affected by HIV/AIDS
    "In this election we will see the sexual and reproductive rights of women debated," writes Tinselyn Simms-Hall in this article from AIDS United. "Women living with HIV are doubly impacted by restrictive laws. ... The HIV community cannot afford to be unaware and uninformed."

    More HIV News & Policy Headlines:

    Visual AIDS: Art from HIV-Positive Artists

    Image from the June 2012 Visual AIDS gallery Detail from:
    "Smoke Cowboy (Auto Portrait)," 1985
    Jimmy DeSana

    Visit the June 2012 Visual AIDS Web Gallery to view our latest collection of art by HIV-positive artists! This month's gallery, "Maybe I'm heading into another change. I hope so," is curated by Matthias Herrmann.


    woman in silhouette Beyond "Getting Over It": Why Trauma and Gender Violence Matter in HIV/AIDS
    "It's not just a handful of women living with HIV who have experienced or been affected by some form of violence," writes our community manager Olivia Ford. "This is most women living with HIV. HIV services that don't take into account the impact of trauma on women's lives are selling most HIV-positive women short on their care."

    Robert Breining "Purpose Over Entertainment (P.O.E.T.)": Meet Mary Bowman (Audio)
    "Timid and soft spoken offstage, Mary Bowman is known to be fearless as she shares her story with audiences around the Washington Metropolitan area," Robert Breining writes. Bowman joins Breining for a chat on his POZ I AM Radio program.

    More Opinions & Perspectives:

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    Zim on "Prosecuting HIV: Take the Test -- and Risk Arrest?"

    "How many HIV 'support groups' still feel a need to chastise people about the need to 'protect their partners with disclosure'? ... Not even a year ago, 'HIV stops with me' was still conflating the issue and shifting the burden of prevention to people who live with the virus while misunderstanding disclosure as a relevant issue in prevention. ... Too many people with HIV voluntarily ghettoize ourselves, or agree that disclosure is somehow relevant to the pertinent concern of transmission. Until our mindset changes, we can't expect the world to change."

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    OraQuick test What the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test Means for HIV Treatment and Prevention: A Panel Discussion (Video)
    Two senior members of the HIV/AIDS advocacy group AIDS United and an advocate with the organization Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive discuss the probable U.S. approval of the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test and the implications it will have on HIV treatment and prevention efforts.

    Kiss and Tell GMHC and Photographer Mike Ruiz Want MSM in NYC to "Kiss and Tell" During LGBT Pride Month
    "The Kiss & Tell campaign underscores the message that the lives of young black and Latino gay men are valued and not dispensable," said Marjorie Hill, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of GMHC.

    Anna Forbes Beyond the Media Hype for HIV Prevention Technology
    At next month's International AIDS Conference, the media is likely to cover the heck out of "HIV treatment as prevention" stories. But Anna Forbes of the U.S. Positive Women's Network urges us all to look beyond those obvious headlines to some of the conference's real stories.

    More HIV/STD Transmission & Education Headlines:

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