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Coming Soon! The Politics of Respectability!!!

By Rae Lewis-Thornton

May 14, 2012

The Politics of Respectability

Coming Soon! my second book, The Politics of Respectability. I've wanted to write a book by my 50th birthday for at least the last eight months. Something that spoke to the very core of who I am as a woman. My 50 years of wisdom about sex, dating, self-love and being true to one's self. Everything seemed to have gotten in the way and I continued to procrastinate.

Then May 1, 2011 I received a call that would change everything, including my life; forever. After I dried my tears I sat at the computer and the words simply flowed. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority rescinding my membership as an honorary member gave me the fuel and became the catalyst I needed to unpack a larger issue that I tackle every day. What kind of woman am I? Am I "respectable" enough as a woman, Christian and minister?

While this book is autobiographical in nature, it's not even close to my full story. My memoir, UnProtected is yet to be published. This book is however, my story. It unpacks the core of who I am and what I do. This is who I am, with all of my passion and zeal. I don't know how to be anything else. I am my ministry and my ministry is wrapped around my journey. My experiences have shaped me for better or worse and they inform my day-to-dayness.

My journey landed me into Delta and it landed me out of Delta. This book traces my journey from Mama to Men and how that shaped the woman I am, which in the end lead to my collision course with The Politics of Respectability. I will use my story in first person, some of my most provocative blog posts from my Diva Living With AIDS Blog, as well as, my seminary and Ph.D. studies to craft my collision course with respectability that ended in my expulsion from Delta.

The book will be released first as an Amazon Kindle and as soon as we can finish the layout, you will be able to get paperback from Amazon book to order. Now, I'm going this route because I don't have the funds to print it myself. As soon as I can pull the funds together I will begin distributing the book as well. Not sure how long that will be. Stay Tuned for the Release Date!! It's Coming Real SOON!

Post Script: I may be short some blog post this week because I'm trying to complete the manuscript. I learned today that I will be on IV medication through this week ... It will be a fine balance managing the side-effects (right now they are kicking my tail) and finishing the book ... But the book will be completed no later than my Birthday!!

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