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My Letter to HIV: A Letter From Mike Hellman

May 9, 2012

Mike Hellman

Mike Hellman

Dear HIV,

I'm not licked yet. You came into my life 27 years ago and I fought you against all odds. I'm still here and so are you. You killed all my friends and my partner but I'm still here. You opened me up to many infections but I fought back and I'm still here. Some days are best forgotten but I'm still here. You ravaged my body, you cleaned me out but I'm still here. Don't think I don't know who you are. I know you intimately and I'm still here. I must speak out to everyone who is at risk. For if I can stop you from marching on I will. GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT! It's time to stop the madness. END THIS NOW!

Michael Hellman, Pittsburgh, PA

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