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CROI 2012: Hep C Drug Incivek Improves HCV Cure Rate in People With HIV

March 26, 2012

Results from a small study of 62 co-infected people treated with Incivek showed that 74% had undetectable viral loads at 12 weeks after stopping their hepatitis C treatment, compared to 45% on pegylated interferon + ribavirin alone. About one-quarter were not on HIV treatment (13) while most (47) were taking Atripla or boosted Reyataz (atazanavir) + Truvada (Viread/tenofovir + Emtriva/emtricitabine).

Incivek + pegylated interferon + ribavirin was given for the first 12 weeks, and then interferon + ribavirin only for the next 36 weeks. The average age of the participants was 45, and only 15% were women. Most people had HCV viral loads above 800,000, while 10% had advanced liver fibrosis. Nearly 68% had HCV genotype 1a while the others had 1b, both of which are more difficult to treat types.

The following chart describes 12-week post-treatment undetectable HCV viral loads (T/PR = Incivek + pegylated interferon + ribavirin):

  No HIV meds Atripla Reyataz Total
4 wks 71% 0% 75% 12% 60% 0% 68% 5%
12 wks 86% 33% 88% 25% 73% 38% 82% 32%
24 wks 86% 0% 75% 50% 67% 75% 74% 55%
12 wks post 71% 33% 69% 50% 80% 50% 74% 45%

The following details should be noted about this study:

Larger studies will be conducted. These will include people new to HCV treatment, people who rebounded after HCV treatment, partial responders, and non-responders.

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