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My Letter to HIV: A Letter From Ken Medlin

March 15, 2012

Ken Medlin

Ken Medlin

Dear HIV,

I didn't ask for you to come into my life, for the quietness you gave in someone else's life transferred into my own. Many of us have continued your secret, passing that secret on to someone else. But I just want to tell you HIV that you gave me an open spirit to tell others about you that I meet so they too won't know your infecting power. You're a secret to some and an openness to others. You make many depressed and many of us stronger. You give us a new meaning in life when every day we take a daily pill to keep you calm in our bodies. I continue to take that pill every night at 8pm plus a shake of good nutrition for my body to keep your effects on my immune system as low as they can be. You will never get your power over me for I am stronger than you. I tell people about your quiet power, your effects and how to prevent you. As we keep sharing about you etc. ... we all pray that soon you will be gone. I don't hate you; you've made me stronger. But I hope that the next generation that we empower will be Negative and you will be gone from our lips and heart forever. Thank you HIV for making me stronger to get rid of you for the Next Generation.

Ken Medlin, Indianapolis, Ind. (Twitter: @healthisvital)

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