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My Letter to HIV: A Letter From Veritee Reed Hall

April 10, 2012

Veritee Reed Hall

Veritee Reed Hall

Dear Vee's HIV

I want to make it clear to you and all others that my virus for sure will die with me.

I will never pass you on to anyone else.

But until I die I live in a symbiotic relationship with you my virus in that you can't live without me, but I cannot shift you from my body.

So even though I am on meds that keeps you, for now, under control, stops you getting the upper hand and overwhelming my body, I cannot ultimately get rid of you except ... by my death.

As long as I live you live too.

When I die you die too.

And while I intend to live my life to the full and as long as possible ...

On my death believe me I will be, while dying, celebrating the death of you the virus that has made me its home.

Very sincerely,
Veritee Reed Hall

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