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April 26, 2012
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Philip D. Philip D.: I Will Survive
"The Human Immunodeficiency Virus was not going to destroy me. Once that was understood, the plan unfolded. I'm not going to tell you there haven't been glitches. ... [B]ut somehow, I find my way out."

Maria T. Mejia Maria T. Mejia: Living Up to ACT UP's Example
"I am one of those who believe that we have to go back to basics, and back to the Larry Kramer times and throw ourselves to the streets and fight for our rights -- rights that are being taken little by little from us!"

Brandon Lacy Campos Brandon Lacy Campos: Reproductive Justice and HIV
"The right to live full, happy, sexy lives without or WITH families is the right of every person living with HIV. The right to have mind blowing, wild, out-of-pocket, hang-from-the-rafters and clap-your-hands sex is the RIGHT of every person living and thriving with HIV."

Dave R. Dave R.: Crimes and Generations, or How We Throw Our Elders Out With the Bathwater
"The bubble of HIV+ pensioners hasn't reached the elderly care systems yet ... but it soon will ... and one may assume that the present culture of neglect and discrimination will only get worse."

'poetry month @ submit your work!

quillThere is good and bad in all
of our consequences,
but for the grace of God,
we're being carried through this.
Some are still here and some
have gone on.
Just always remember we're
the Chosen Ones.

--From "The Chosen Ones," by Bonetta Spratley

To mark National Poetry Month in the U.S., we're posting our readers' poetry submissions about living with, or being affected by, HIV/AIDS!

Anything you write is fair game. Pieces can be literal or abstract, serious or funny, short or long (but hopefully not too long) -- whatever you want. Select poems will be featured on our site and in email newsletters all this month. Click here for more detailed information on how you can submit your poem (anonymously, if you'd like).


one woman Women Living With HIV/AIDS Encouraged to Get Tested for Anal Cancer
While anal cancer is widely associated with HIV-positive men who have sex with men, a recent study highlights how women living with HIV/AIDS are impacted by the disease as well.

Khafre Abif A Day in the Life: Khafre Abif on Sticking to Meds and Self-Care (Video)
Despite his work, raising a young son and life's many twists and turns, Khafre Abif has stayed mindful of sticking to his HIV meds. "I cannot be a successful father, activist, writer or advocate if I'm not taking care of myself first," he says.

hepatitis C coinfection Cavalier Attitude on Drug Interactions Threatens Welfare of HIV/Hep C-Coinfected People, Activist Says
Many people with HIV also have hepatitis C. So why did it take so long to see information about potentially serious interactions between HIV drugs and Victrelis (boceprevir), a new hep C medication? Activist Tracy Swan offers this sharp critique.

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Visual AIDS: Art from HIV-Positive Artists

Image from the April 2012 Visual AIDS gallery Detail from:
"La Corona," c. 1998
Peter Madero III

Visit the April 2012 Visual AIDS Web Gallery to view our latest collection of art by HIV-positive artists! This month's gallery, "Borders/Crossings," is curated by Liz Barr.


Charles King A Fresh Look at the Past, and Future, of HIV/AIDS Activism
This spring, the venerated HIV/AIDS activist organization ACT UP turns the big 2-5. We spoke with prominent activist Charles King about the organization's biggest achievements, the split between the LGBT and the HIV/AIDS movements, and the future of AIDS activism in the U.S.

ACT UP logo How Has HIV/AIDS Activism Changed Since the Early Years of ACT UP?
To mark the 25th birthday of the historic HIV/AIDS activist group ACT UP, we asked community members -- some of them past members of ACT UP themselves -- how they believe activism has changed since ACT UP first stormed onto the world stage.

activism Treatment Action Group at 20: Early Campaigns
To mark Treatment Action Group's 20th year fighting for the rights of people with HIV/AIDS, co-founder Mark Harrington takes a look back at the group's roots and its first forays into activism.

More News & Policy Headlines:

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Terri (From South Carolina) on "50-Year Sentence in Iowa HIV Criminalization Case Upheld by Federal Judge"

"Unfortunately, being HIV poz, you have to have not only a living will, but a retainer for a good attorney just in case. It really comes down to: Can they actually say it was you if the other party was sleeping with various others? Or if you told them, but they lie and say you didn't -- how do you argue that?"

Read the rest of this comment and join the discussion on this article!


Saint Louis Effort for AIDS HIV/AIDS Organization Spotlight: Saint Louis Effort for AIDS
Just how critical are U.S. HIV/AIDS organizations to people living with the virus? "We provide a safe haven in an often-unwelcoming world," explains Cheryl Oliver, the executive director of Saint Louis Effort for AIDS in St. Louis, Mo.

Nicole Seguin Pushing the Glass Ceiling: Life, Liberty and Justice for HIV+ Women
"They say HIV is not a death sentence anymore. What they don't tell you is that HIV is a death sentence for prosperity, especially for HIV-positive women," writes Nicole Seguin for the U.S. Positive Women's Network.

More Opinions & Perspectives:


Larry Bryant and Ingrid Floyd How to Get Heterosexual Black Men Involved in HIV Prevention
When we discuss the HIV/AIDS epidemic in black America, heterosexual men are often missing from the conversation. But in order to fully address this epidemic head-on, this forgotten demographic must be included. Here's how we bridge the gap.

TAG Clarifying an HIV Superinfection Study: Two Infections Are Not Better Than One
A recent media report suggested that women infected with two types of HIV may have a better chance of suppressing the virus than women infected with one type of HIV. As Treatment Action Group explains, this report is completely untrue. (On

microbicides African Americans and Microbicides: Facts vs. Myths
As researchers continue to investigate microbicides as an HIV prevention tool, experts and educators try to explain what microbicides are and dispel myths. In this article, a few of those experts discuss some important points for African Americans.

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