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A Poem by Bonetta Spratley

April 2012

I was diagnosed in 1990. In 1994, I went on a retreat (Transformation 105) through Transformation Retreats, Inc. (Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Richmond, VA.) for those living with HIV/AIDS. We all were challenged to write poems. Several years later I was contacted and asked if I would allow my poem to be published in a book of personal reflections, thoughts and writings by those that have been infected or affected by this disease. The name of the book is Transformations.

The Chosen Ones

We were only a few
and then there were many,
I guess by now it's more than plenty.
We can be depressed and feel outdone,
but regardless of whatever, we're
the Chosen Ones.
We're a touch of pizzazz from
all walks of life,
being given a choice to deal
with this strife.
There is good and bad in all
of our consequences,
but for the grace of God,
we're being carried through this.
Some are still here and some
have gone on.
Just always remember we're
the Chosen Ones.
Now I bet you might ask, Why
must it be me?
So we would surrender to God
and set souls free.
Live life to its fullest and
complete your tasks,
so when you're through, there'll
be no questions asked.
When you are tired and your
victory has been won,
you'll go on to Heaven for
we are the Chosen Ones.

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