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When Life Gives Us Lemons, Make Some Orange Juice

By Alive2

April 25, 2012

Given the pest in our blood (lemons), we have to take many different medications. Thanks to this we are able to survive, and some are able to continue on in life without hesitation. Then there are those who aren't or weren't as fortunate. At least we can put these pills into our blood and make it turn into orange juice, the very reason we are able to continue on our paths in life or blaze new ones.

I had a problem back in 2004. I was sick almost every day, and being in construction I had the element in my thinking that I could fight off any sickness. Finally, after being forced to go to the emergency room by my wife, they referred me to a doctor's office for a follow-up on a swollen lymph node in my armpit. They did a test for HIV; I didn't think anything like that was able to hit me. Because of the way it was, being married and all, I felt there was no way I could catch anything STD-wise. I'd never cheated, and we'd been married for seven years and had four children already. I was thinking they were just driving up the bill on me (suspicious of doctors back then). My wife was clean and kids were tested at this time in history, so to me it was a non- factor, right?

WRONG. That's when I found out I was in fact HIV positive. INTERESTING YET? Sorry, the phone is ringing ... be back later ...

To be continued ...

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