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What's New in the U.S. HHS Antiretroviral Therapy Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents

May 1, 2014

Revisions to the February 12, 2013, version of the guidelines include both a new section and key updates to existing sections. Significant updates are highlighted throughout the PDF version of the document.

New Section

Cost Considerations and Antiretroviral Therapy

Key Updates to Existing Sections

The following are key updates to existing sections of the guidelines.

Change in Recommendations on Frequency of CD4 Count Monitoring

This change can be found in the "Laboratory Testing: HIV-RNA (Viral Load) and  CD4 Count Monitoring" section.

Change in Classification of Recommendations for Initial Treatment From "Preferred Regimens" to "Recommended Regimens"

This change can be found in the "What to Start: Initial Combination Regimens for the Antiretroviral-Naive Patient" section.

Emphasis on Key Principles to Follow When Switching ARV Drugs in the Setting of Viral Suppression

The "Regimen Simplification" section of the previous guideline has been updated with a new title -- "Regimen Switching in the Setting of Viral Suppression" -- and includes the following key revisions.

Addition of a New Table That Provides Recommendations on ARV Drug Options When Switching ARV Drugs Because of Adverse Effects

Additional Updates

Minor revisions have also been made to the following sections:

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