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Say NO to Novartis!

March 19, 2012

Novartis, the Swiss-based pharmaceutical giant, continues its assault on India's generic pharmaceutical industry -- legally challenging India's patent law that allows the nation to supply nearly 80% of the developing world's access to high-quality, affordable, life-saving medications.

India's patent law effectively stops evergreening, a tactic used by pharmaceutical companies to make minor tweaks on medications to extend their stranglehold on a patent that is about to expire.

Should Novartis succeed on March 28th, a dangerous precedent will be set ...

With a chain-reaction of serious consequences.

The costs?

Crippling the generic pharmaceutical industry

Making essential medications even more cost-prohibitive

Cutting off the supply of medications used by NGO's worldwide

Millions of lives that are dependent on these drugs to fight diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Say NO to Novartis

Send the message to Novartis that no loss of human life can ever be tolerated for profits, by signing a petition here.

Learn more on how to Occupy Pharma by joining our working group.

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