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Do What Fred Says!

February 6, 2012

Dr. Rob Garofalo is a physician who cares for adolescents and young adults affected by HIV. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and at a particularly low point in his life, he searched the Internet for "puppy Chicago" and an image of Fred popped up. Although he had never previously had a pet, Garofalo credits Fred with bringing both peace and joy to his life again.

Fred's healing properties have now led to a creative project aimed at helping teens who are HIV-positive and uninsured. By selling "Fred Says" greeting cards online, Garofalo is raising money to help this vulnerable population. According to their website, doc and dog have four goals:

Garofalo is an attending physician at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and Director of both the hospital's Adolescent/Young Adult HIV Program, and the Gender, Sexuality, and HIV Prevention Center. Dr. Garofalo is a strong advocate for HIV-positive adolescents through primary patient care and innovative HIV prevention research projects.

To help Dr. Garofalo and Fred reach their goals, go to

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