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Appreciating the Right Now Moments! Part Two

By Rae Lewis-Thornton

December 20, 2011

This piece originally appeared in Rae's blog, Diva Living With AIDS.

There is something to be said about appreciating the right now, from smelling the roses to watching the snowflakes fall from the sky. Yes, I know I wrote a blog yesterday about just that, but did you really hear me? You know often times when I write it's something that God has put in my spirit to give to you, but what I give to you is also for me. I work hard at practicing what I preach, I do. I must also admit practicing is sometimes hard.

I struggled all day yesterday, I just didn't feel good. It took me all day to write that one blog, Appreciating The Right Now. For Real, it didn't get posted until like 4:15 or something. Yes, I felt accomplished that I had written it given how I was feeling, but you know the overachiever in me was not happy that I didn't at least get another Holiday Gift Suggestion out.

Cadillac Rock

As time ticked, It took everything I had to get off my sofa with Sophie and pull myself together for this social media event, Cadillac Rock. I always say that I don't want AIDS to take away all the goodness from my life, so I pulled my diva together and made my way.

I understood that my pain level was at a 10, but staying home wasn't going to change my pain level. While on the one level, you must appreciate the goodness in the right now, on the other, you can't get stuck in the pain of the right now, especially those things you cannot change.

Cadillac Rock

Let me tell you, I'm so glad I pressed my way. Yep! I'm equally as glad that I didn't allow my today -- this day -- affect my yesterday. The fact that I'm on my way to the hospital this morning to get a minor medical procedure would have stopped some people from going to the event missing the blessing of the right now.

The fact is this, getting this picc line today was not going to change, so why allow it to affect what was happening yesterday? We get so caught up anticipating the pain, that it takes on a life of it's own. There was no medical reason that I couldn't go, the only thing that would have stopped me was the sickness in my mind that holds you hostage and steals your joy. The Bible says, "As a man thinketh so is he." You must fight the demon in your head.

There is so much life past your pain, but first you must create space in your life for them both. If the pain is here to stay, you must not let it have all of you.

This event was a blast! You know, many times bloggers get invited out by brands or to events sponsored by brands to hear about their products and it's the same ol' bore.

The thing that I liked about the Social Rev Up-Cadillac Rock Event was the sharing of information. Connie didn't just talk about GM, she gave bloggers some sound advice to help us grow our blog. Also, I met so many new bloggers, had some great food, tons of laughs while learning all about GM advanced technology.

Dwana, One of the Organizers of Social Rev Up!

Dwana, One of the Organizers of Social Rev Up!

I didn't know the popularity of the Escalade. It's the truck to the stars. Who knew? Yes, I'm slow, I barely know the stars. I'm glad my BFF Luke keeps me somewhat informed. Everyone was making their way to the Escalade, after hearing all the facts, but I went straight to the Cadillac SRX. OMG this is one beautiful vehicle. What can I say other than, I know why my grandmother only drove a Cadillac. I can see her now, dressed to the nines on Sunday morning on her way to church, sliding into her Caddie.

The thing is, while the body is undeniably fabulous, the technology is much more advanced than in my grandmother's days. GM has come a long way. They are making vehicles to compete in the 21st century. Not bad for a company that met its grave, dug itself out with zeal and are fighting for their life with that best of the best. Yeah Baby! Cadillac Rocks!!

Any who, I had sooooo much fun at Social Rev Up second event! There is something to be said for appreciating the right now. All that laugher, tweeting, good fun and food did wonders for my spirit. I even made this video ... got my words all jumbled up ... but it was fun making it ... I'm happy this morning as I make my way to the hospital.

Appreciating the Right Now Moments! Part One

Post Script: Please Keep Me in Your Prayers As I Begin This Round of IV Medication! #IcannotdoitAlone

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