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December 8, 2011
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Candace Y.A. Montague Candace Y.A. Montague: Three Reasons to Not Reveal Your HIV Status During the Holidays
Many of you have a lot of "quality time" coming up with family this holiday season -- and in many cases, your family doesn't know you have HIV. Should you tell them? Candace Y.A. Montague has a clear opinion: "No matter how you feel about visiting relatives and eating countless plates of food, it is safe to say that the holiday season is not a good time to disclose to your family."

Brandon Lacy Campos Brandon Lacy Campos: "You Can't Run From Yourself"
"I have never blamed anyone else for my HIV status, but nor had I really looked at my myself and said: 'Hey kid, you did this to yourself," Brandon Lacy Campos writes. "[HIV] was confirmation of everything that I believe(d) about myself. I was unlovable. I was untouchable. I was unworthy of love. And having HIV was very simply the confirmation of all the things that I knew to be true about myself."

Donald P. Robert Breining: Listen to Donald's Story on POZIAM Radio
Donald P., a 27-year-old HIV-positive paramedic, is the subject of a recent episode of Robert Breining's POZIAM radio show. "Working in pre-hospital care for 10 years, the first thing you ever learn is to expect the unexpected," Breining explains. "That statement never held more truth to Donald than it did in the fall of 2005. Donald's shift ended early because the trauma patient he had later died. Donald was exposed to this patient's virus: HIV."

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Visual AIDS: Art from HIV-Positive Artists

Image from the December 2011 Visual AIDS gallery Detail from:
"Blessing," 2008
Michael Golden

Visit the December 2011 Visual AIDS Web Gallery to view our latest collection of art by HIV-positive artists! This month's gallery, entitled "The Sword of Damocles," is curated by Patrick Webb.


Throughout the month of December, we'll bring you a diverse series of exclusive articles and interviews that looks back over the past year in HIV/AIDS, and ahead to what 2012 may hold in store for our community.

Becky Allen What's the Buzz? The Top 10 Stories on in 2011
Every year, publishes thousands of articles -- but a handful always stand out as the most popular, exciting or controversial. We take a look back at some of these eye-opening articles, as well as the comments our readers posted about them.

Rae Lewis-Thornton Be the Best You Can Be in 2012! I Will!
For Rae Lewis-Thornton, 2011 was a year wracked with hellish health challenges. Her amazing resiliency pulled her through, and now she's looking forward to what 2012 will hold -- including her 50th birthday, and an exciting new venture.

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Bridgett (From Washington, D.C.) on "The Conversation You Should Be Having on World AIDS Day"

"Campaigns [related to HIV/AIDS] have shifted from prevention to complacency of living longer. I am glad that the current therapies are saving lives, but am awed at the absence of conversation with our youth, naive adults, and under-educated seniors about prevention -- proper condom use and knowing your partner's status."

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New York City New York City Recommends HIV Treatment for All Diagnosed Citizens
Going a step further than current U.S. HIV treatment guidelines, New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley recommended last week that New York City doctors start people on HIV medications as soon as they're diagnosed. Farley's proposal is similar to one adopted by San Francisco in 2010.

Word on the Street Word on the Street: Advice on Adhering to HIV Treatment
Staying on top of your treatment every day is not an easy task: Side effects, disorganization and the hustle-bustle of life can all stand in your way. We asked a range of experts and people living with HIV to talk about why adherence is important and offer strategies to help you make sure you remember to take your meds.

 What You Can Do to Control Your Risk for Heart Complications
"Your doc's recommendations for reducing your chance of a heart attack or stroke are important, but are also only one part of a larger strategy that anyone can employ for themselves," HIV specialist Paul DenOuden, M.D., explains. In this Q&A column in Positively Aware, DenOuden talks about the factors that impact an HIVer's cardiovascular health.

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test your knowledge
Think you know your stuff when it comes to HIV/AIDS, eh? We'll see about that. Our new quiz asks eight questions about HIV/AIDS that go well beyond the basics of what HIV is, how it works and who gets it. If you can get all of these right, consider yourself a master of HIV minutiae.


White House From the White House: The Beginning of the End of AIDS
President Barack Obama and his administration were busy on the HIV/AIDS front last week, unveiling some new initiatives and pumping some urgently needed funding into the U.S.'s cash-starved AIDS Drug Assistance Programs. Read this rundown from the White House on last week's announcements, including remarks from the President and other officials.

 South Carolina: Pastor Fights HIV Stigma in Southern Town
Rural areas like Dorchester, S.C., population 2,593, have been particularly hard-hit by HIV/AIDS, primarily because of stigma, poor education and lack of funding. At Dorchester's Bibleway Holiness Church, Pastor Brenda Byrth conducts HIV/AIDS awareness meetings. Maybe a dozen people attend -- a good turnout for a congregation of 25, she said, but also an indication of HIV's widespread impact.

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Kevin Maloney Outrage Over Pennsylvania School's Decision to Deny Admission to HIV-Positive 13-Year-Old
Last week, news broke that the Milton Hershey School, a private boarding school in Pennsylvania, had denied admission to a 13-year-old boy with HIV on the grounds that he could pose a risk to other students if he has sex with them. Kevin Maloney is one of three bloggers who has reacted with outrage: "I have started a petition on," he writes, "asking people to sign and leave a comment regarding boycotting the Hershey brand and supporting a statement directly from The Hershey Trust Company."

For additional blogger perspectives on this story, check out Maria T. Mejia's post, "Remembering Ryan White and Thoughts on Milton Hershey School," and Justin B. Terry-Smith's post, "HIV-Positive 13-Year-Old Honor Student DENIED Education by Milton Hershey School."

Word on the Street HIV/AIDS Resource Center for Latinos: What Is the Craziest Myth You've Heard About HIV/AIDS?
People living with HIV/AIDS and working in the field are also witnesses to disturbing HIV myths -- even now, after decades of information and education around HIV. In order to get a better grasp on what misinformation is being spread, we asked Latino/a HIV activists and health professionals to share their thoughts on the most colorful, unsettling myths they've heard.

This slideshow is also available in Spanish.

Allen B. Positively Religious
"Growing up in church and being gay was one thing. But when I was diagnosed as being HIV positive in October 2009, I had no place to run but to God," Allen B remembers. "Being HIV positive in church is another story. Being gay in church is the topic of gossip, but let someone come up as being HIV positive; then it becomes a whole other conversation."

Bethsheba Johnson Where Are the Men Who Love Women? A Brief Meditation
"Last time I heard, all men had an "X" chromosome, which means that there was a woman involved in the creation of every one of them," blogger and HIV nurse practitioner Bethsheba Johnson writes. "Shouldn't men be advocates of all and not just their own gender?"

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