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Remembering Ryan White and Thoughts on Milton Hershey School
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By Maria T. Mejia

December 7, 2011

Today I am remembering one of my biggest inspirations and warriors! Ryan White. He is an angel and someone who has inspired me to fight for injustice. He just wanted to go to school and fought for it when he was discriminated against for having HIV. It is incredible to me that we are 30 years into this illness and the Milton Hershey School is not letting a young boy go to school because of his condition.

This is not right and this is my opinion. As a person who talks to young people all the time, so many young people are having unprotected sex. And if they think that HIV is not going to affect them because they are not letting this kid go to their school, THEY ARE WRONG! I imagine they go out at some point ... they can have unprotected sex and contract HIV!

I am so sad and in shock I don't even know what to feel! I feel for this young man and I hope that things change! What are they going to do if some kid gets HIV while attending this school? Will they throw him out like dirt?

I can't sit back and not say something when injustice is happening right in front of me! I have to vent ... my soul feels sad and I am beyond angry! When will ignorance stop? When? Why are some human beings like this? Where is the compassion? Empathy?

As I tell everyone, HIV IS HERE! Every 9-1/2 minutes someone gets infected with HIV in the United States alone!

Again my heart goes out to this kid and the family! And as Ryan White's mom always told him, "SON, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!"


... But today my heart is broken and I feel hurt.

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