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Daniel Bauer: Living Pozitively

By Robert Breining

October 28, 2011

Daniel Bauer

Daniel Bauer

On Sunday October 30th Robert and Jeromy will be speaking with Daniel Bauer. Daniel Bauer is the official successor to the legendary Harry Houdini, and was on the climb to becoming one of the world's most successful magicians and escape artists since the Houdini era. He has appeared on NBC, FOX and WB networks; commanded stages across the globe at sold out venues and has appeared on the cover of many magazines and is most popularly described as "one of the most soul piercing performers of our time" by HX Magazine.

In 2002, while preparing for a second world tour, backed by a multi-million dollar brand, Daniel learned he was HIV positive from a required insurance policy medical check. This news became the back-bone of the sponsoring company to pull out, claiming the show had now become a liability.

Daniel presents his newest speaking program, BLUNT where he shares the intimate details of what happened to him back in 2002, the discrimination he faced and how life is today. Daniel will discuss the deep dark places he allowed himself to enter such as substance abuse, near fatal suicide attempt and more. Audiences/listeners will have the opportunity to ask Daniel any questions about his life. Everything is on the table for discussion and he will be blunt (not crude) in his responses about what is really going on in society today. Audiences will be left with a message of hope and courage, he will break down the walls of stigma, and he will educate you on the facts vs. the myths about those living with HIV/AIDS.

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