HIV News & Views, October 20, 2011
October 20, 2011
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Dr. Steve Dr. Steve on "The Ultimate Unscheduled Event": The Loss of His Husband, Dr. Bob
"You, Dr. Bob's global online family, have suffered an immeasurable loss," writes Steven Natterstad, M.D. ("Dr. Steve"). In this blog post, Dr. Steve writes about the life and loss of his husband and partner for 18 years, Robert Frascino, M.D. -- a.k.a. our amazing friend and online expert Dr. Bob, who passed away unexpectedly last month. Dr. Steve also shares the details of Dr. Bob's final hours.

Jeannie Wraight Jeannie Wraight: The End of the Pariah
As studies increasingly show that HIVers on stable treatment are at very low risk for transmitting HIV, Jeannie Wraight has some straightforward advice for people struggling with the stigma of living with HIV: "Please, don't let anyone, including yourself, make you feel diseased or contagious or like a threat ever again. ... The stigma we have faced was always wrong and now even more so."

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Visual AIDS: Art from HIV-Positive Artists

Image from the October 2011 Visual AIDS gallery Detail from:
"Video Still 1984-8," 2006
Daniel Roberts

Visit the October 2011 Visual AIDS Web Gallery to view our latest collection of art by HIV-positive artists! This month's gallery, entitled "Stereopsis," is curated by Andrew Blackley.


HIV news HIV Found to Replicate Outside CD4 Cells; Discovery Gives Insight Into HIV-Related Dementia
In an intriguing new study published earlier this month in PLoS Pathogens, researchers reveal the first solid proof that HIV can replicate itself in cell types other than CD4 cells. The finding potentially opens an important window on our understanding of HIV-related dementia, and could have implications for HIV treatment strategies as well.

DHHS Guidelines What's New in the U.S. DHHS Antiretroviral Therapy Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents
The official U.S. HIV treatment guidelines were updated on Oct. 14; the revision mainly includes relatively minor changes to the "what to start with" recommendations, as well as the official addition of Edurant (rilpivirine) as an "alternative" option. This summary lists all of the changes made to the guidelines in its first revision since January 2011.

Starting HIV Treatment Advice on Starting HIV Treatment From People Who've Been There
We reached out to a group of those most in the know about the intricacies of starting treatment -- HIV-positive people who've made the decision to start themselves -- and asked: "If you could go back in time to the moment before you started HIV treatment, what advice would you give yourself?"

Jeff Berry HIV Treatment Education: Back to the Drawing Board
"There is no way that we can expect to scale-up treatment without the education that is so vital to its very success," Jeff Berry of Positively Aware writes. "As programs continue to get slashed, doors closed, and positions eliminated, disaster awaits us all if we don't start now to insist on increased funding for treatment education."

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 HIV-Positive Man Convicted of Assault Despite Disclosure and Consensual Sex
On Oct. 7, a Minneapolis jury found an HIV-positive man guilty of first-degree assault for engaging in unprotected anal sex with an unnamed partner. The kicker here is that the man being convicted, 30-year-old Daniel James Rick, did disclose his HIV status beforehand and the unnamed partner wanted to have unprotected sex anyway.

red carpet Fame and HIV: 10 of History's Biggest HIV-Positive Celebrities
The list of famous people who have been open about their HIV diagnosis is a short one. Even among those we know are positive, most didn't have their status revealed until just before or after their death. Here are 10 of the most notable celebrities who are known to be living with or have died from HIV or AIDS. Some will be extremely familiar; others may surprise you.

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I Just Had Unprotected Sex Before Disclosing. Am I in Deep S***?
(A recent post from the "Living With HIV" board)

"I just told someone who I had unprotected sex with about 24 hours ago that I am positive and she is freaking out, I am very worried about being prosecuted. ... I really really hope that she doesn't press charges, and that she doesn't get infected but right now she is panicking and telling me things like 'my life is over' and 'you stole my life from me.'

"I really screwed up, I know that. That is the first unprotected sex I've had since I found out, and I know it was selfish. I just couldnt bare to tell her after knowing her for only a week, as I was afraid she'd look at me differently. What can I do in this situation and what should I be prepared for? Is it possible that I will get arrested?"

 -- dmb147

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amfAR amfAR Is "Making AIDS History" With New PSA Campaign Featuring People Living With HIV/AIDS
It's very rare, when we talk about HIV research, that the people actually living with HIV come to mind. But "Making AIDS History," a new public service announcement campaign created by the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), is trying to change that. We sat down with three people who are featured in the campaign to talk about how HIV impacts their lives and why being in this campaign is important.

David Munar David Munar: Making "the People's HIV Plan" a National Reality
Without the work of many U.S. activists, such as David Munar, the U.S. National HIV/AIDS Strategy may never have happened. Kenyon Farrow explains how Munar, who recently became CEO of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, believed that the strategy should be a clear and concise plan with set goals in mind.

This article is also available in Spanish.

Khafre Abif Khafre Abif: Applying MLK's Words to the AIDS Fight
"It is my belief that [Martin Luther] King would be calling us all ... to task for the ongoing need for public and private organizations to support AIDS funding, especially on the community level," Khafre Abif writes. In a recent blog entry, he ponders AIDS United's new "Make It Grow" campaign and asks, "What would Dr. King say about this country and its greed and inability to support AIDS funding?"

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Christian Castro Christian Castro: AIDS, Latinos and the Deep South
When the Latino Commission on AIDS created its Latinos in the Deep South Program, it knew it was in for an uphill battle. HIV rates throughout the region were increasing, many immigrants had no access to health care and many HIV service organizations lacked bilingual staff. In this interview, project coordinator Christian Castro explains how his program is bridging these gaps and reducing HIV stigma among Latinos well south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

This article is also available in Spanish.

Gary Bell Can Certain Contraceptives Increase HIV Risk?
"I can imagine that those who try to remain current with new developments in contraception and HIV risk reduction may cringe at discovering that something else might place them at increased risk of HIV infection," advocate Gary Bell blogs. "This time, that something else may be a popular form of contraception, injectable hormones."

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