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The Girl Who Thought the World Was Round

September 2, 2011

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While on the way to work today I saw an old women, planting Bougainvillea at her gardens and that's remind me of my grandmother, she loves gardening, she got from Hibiscus flower to rose, she got beautiful carnations and orchids. She always tell me that gardening is a good treat to the soul ...

If I could time travel, I would like to go through one more time with my grandmother, I want to spend some time with her and learn about gardening, plants and so on. I still remember how furious and determined my grandmother was and I was not exactly a good girl when I was young, I was stubborn, hot headed, I was rebellious and I was mischievous as well.

I was a children one upon a time, I have no worries, no commitment, no stress but I remember I start having dreams at a very young age. Sometimes my dreams sound ridiculous at that time, I used to think that this world was at the end was a very old man that holding this earth, and the world will end one day when the "old man" died because he carries so many burden in his shoulder.

I use to think the world is round and I use to believe if we swim far enough towards at the end of the sea, we will see the other part of world.

(Let's me take you to time travel with me and I'll shared with you my stories)

Honestly, I did not born in this world cute and as adorable as anyone else, I actually dark like Native American children, with short hair like a boy and skinny as hell. It's not like I didn't eat, I just have very higher metabolism back then. I hated the way I look, I was extremely naïve and I use to believe this world I see is the only world there for me. I never thought there's other world beyond this world I am living ...

My grandmother who raised me up was very strict and fierce grandmother. She never allows me to have friends, neither let me play with other kids. My childhood is very bad and very boring for a child like me, I am leaving in a cage that I can't flew away.

I start to run with my grandmother at a very young age, not because we like to exercise but it is more like she chasing me around the neighborhood for few reasons:

Memory 1

I steal mangos from my neighbors (My justification ... I was really craving for mangos and since we are very poor, my grandmother never can afford to buy me any mangoes one day my grandmother finds out about me stealing the mango from neighbor house, visualize this ...

My grandmother with Kain Batik or Malay call (Sarong), tied half way above her chest, she was holding sickle and chasing me around house and she was 62 when this happen, and she able to catch me and drag me home (What happen next was beyond my imagination).

Therefore, she tied me to the same damn mango tree that I have climbed earlier, and she decided to leave me there until I realize my mistake and I have learnt my lesson ...

The best part of all, that tree was full of ants; red ants... angry red ants (trust me, that day I so learn my lesson)

Memory 2

This happen when I was 12, I was so excited to follow my school trip to some of the water fall area, but I know if I tell my grandmother the truth she will never allowed me to go because she is worried about my safety, because of the temptation, my brain start to tell me otherwise, so I lied to my own beloved grandmother.

My grandmother are not easy to lie too, so one day after school I went to a public phone and starts calling my own house nervously, I pretend to be "my teacher", I was using the handkerchief to make my voice sounds matured enough, and I told her that I need "myself" to help out in school and I am pregnant so that is why I need "me" to help. Somehow she buys that story, so I pretend to come back home with tired face and she told me my teacher call and ask me to help her around, because she were pregnant, and my grandmother offer to cook French toast for her.

My grandmother woke up at 5.00 in the morning to cooked "my" teacher French toast and make me a very nice hot Milo. Of course I feel bad about it but after went to the bus for the water fall journey, I forgot everything thinking nothing bad could happen today. So happen, on the same day I went to waterfall, my real teacher call my house to inform my grandmother about the report card day. So as you can see I am busted, the best part I didn't know about it yet.

So after few hours having fun with my girlfriend, the bus took us back to school and I went back home from there, as I reaching home I realize something funny, my grandmother was waiting for me with a broom and a very cool face, so what I remember happen next was, I was running once again but this time, the whole neighbors was watching the drams between my grandmother and myself, it was embarrassing because I was already 12 and I had a crush with a boy that stayed in front of my house and he was there watching everything .....

Yes, I get caught AGAIN, this time my grandmother shaved my head bald, everyone start calling me KOJAK including a boy I have a crush with.

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