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Appendix B: Antiretroviral Drugs Available in Canada
Part of A Practical Guide to HIV Drug Treatment for People Living With HIV


Fusion Inhibitor
Common NameBrand NameManufacturer
T-20, enfuvirtideFuzeonRoche
Co-Receptor Inhibitor
Common NameBrand NameManufacturer
maravirocCelsentriViiV Healthcare (formerly Pfizer)
Nukes (Nucleoside and Nucleotide Analogues, or NRTIs)
Common NameBrand NameManufacturer
abacavir, ABCZiagenViiV Healthcare (formerly GlaxoSmithKline)
AZT, zidovudineRetrovirViiV Healthcare (formerly GlaxoSmithKline)
d4T, stavudineZeritBristol-Myers Squibb
ddI, didanosineVidex EC (enteric-coated)Bristol-Myers Squibb
FTC, emtricitabineFTC is only available in Canada co-formulated with tenofovir, as TruvadaGilead Sciences
tenofovir*VireadGilead Sciences
3TC, lamivudine3TCViiV Healthcare (formerly GlaxoSmithKline-Shire BioChem)
Non-Nukes (NNRTIs)
Common NameBrand NameManufacturer
delavirdineRescriptorViiV Healthcare (formerly Pfizer)
efavirenzSustivaBristol-Myers Squibb
nevirapineViramuneBoehringer Ingelheim
Integrase Inhibitor
Common NameBrand NameManufacturer
Protease Inhibitors
Common NameBrand NameManufacturer
atazanavirReyatazBristol-Myers Squibb
fosamprenavirTelzirViiV Healthcare (formerly GlaxoSmithKline)
lopinavir-ritonavirKaletraAbbott Laboratories
nelfinavirViraceptViiV Healthcare (formerly Pfizer)
ritonavirNorvirAbbott Laboratories
saquinavirInviraseHoffmann-La Roche
tipranavirAptivusBoehringer Ingelheim

Co-formulations take two or more different drugs and combine them into a single pill, reducing the number of pills that need to be taken.

Common NameBrand NameManufacturer
Atriplaefavirenz + FTC + tenofovirBristol Myers-Squibb/Gilead Sciences
CombivirAZT + 3TCViiV Healthcare (formerly GlaxoSmithKline)
Kaletralopinavir + ritonavirAbbott Laboratories
Kivexa3TC + abacavirViiV Healthcare (formerly GlaxoSmithKline)
TrizivirAZT + 3TC + abacavirViiV Healthcare (formerly GlaxoSmithKline)
TruvadaFTC + tenofovirGilead Sciences
* Strictly speaking, tenofovir (Viread) is not a nucleoside analogue but a very similar molecule called a nucleotide analogue. This is largely a fine technical distinction; in practice, most HIV-positive people and their doctors refer to tenofovir as a nucleoside.

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