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Taking HIV Prevention to Church

Alison Huddleston, AIDS United; Posted Aug 27, 11:37 a.m. ET

Can a church in New Orleans change the way HIV prevention is done in the South?

Follow the Money

AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention; Posted Aug 27, 11:37 a.m. ET

If you want to fight the HIV epidemic, you have to put your money where your mouth is.

The Trouble With Tina: A Conversation About Meth

Joanna Eveland, M.D., BETA; Posted Aug 27, 11:36 a.m. ET

Meth is a part of many people's roads to HIV, but it is also a problem for people with HIV who are trying to suppress their viral loads.

True Tales of Sex, Love and Peace of Mind

Josh Tager, Test Positive Aware Network; Posted Aug 27, 11:36 a.m. ET

PrEP can be a serious commitment and there may be hurdles along the way. But, for some PrEP users, the peace of mind at the end of the tunnel is worth it.

Share Your Stories!

Everyone living with HIV has a story to tell. Find out how to share your own experiences in one or both of the series below, which feature the writings of readers like you.

Day One With HIV: Finding Out Your Status, in Your Own Words

Regardless of where or how it happened, the day you received your HIV-positive diagnosis was likely among the most intense days you'll ever live through. Some of's readers have generously shared their experiences -- to reflect on how they've changed, and so that others would know that they too can survive, and even thrive, following that fateful day. How did you get through it?

Other Sides of HIV: People Taking HIV Meds Share Stories About Side Effects

Many types of medications can save or improve lives, but they can also have unintended consequences. For some people living with HIV, taking meds can be a complicated cycle -- and for others, a Sunday stroll. Medication side effects can be mild or life altering, horrible or even pleasurable; some people living with HIV never experience any at all. It seems like everyone's got a story about side effects. What's yours?


Look What the Stork Delivered

Kellee Terrell, Test Positive Aware Network; Posted Aug 27, 11:35 a.m. ET

With the help of PrEP, Shannon Weber helps positive people have a baby -- safely.

The Silent Struggle of HIV Treatment Adherence

Mathew Rodriguez,; Posted Aug 26, 4:49 p.m. ET

Can we talk openly about imperfect adherence? For people living with HIV who struggle with taking their pills, a new form of HIV treatment in development -- long-acting injections -- may offer relief. But it won't be a panacea for all adherence issues.

In Loving Tribute: Community Members Remember Deadra Malloy

Positive Women's Network of the United States of America; Posted Aug 26, 4:34 p.m. ET

Deadra was one of the founders of P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E. Voices, a statewide health advocacy network of women living with HIV in South Carolina. She was also one of the first two co-chairs of Positive Women's Network-USA (PWN-USA)'s South Carolina regional chapter.

You Want PrEP, but Your Doctor Disagrees

Kellee Terrell, Test Positive Aware Network; Posted Aug 26, 3:38 p.m. ET

Is your doctor becoming a "doctor no" when it comes to getting you on PrEP?

My Health Tracker

My Health Tracker

My Health Tracker can help you organize your HIV treatment information privately and securely in one place. This way, you can take better charge over your health, and you and your doctor can have even more productive conversations about your treatment.

Registration takes only a couple of minutes, requires no personal info, and you'll be able to pick up where you left off at any time.


PrEP Research: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Liz Highleyman, Test Positive Aware Network; Posted Aug 26, 3:31 p.m. ET

Whether it's for gay men, women or transgender individuals, research on PrEP for many populations is still underway.

No Easy Feat: Promoting the PrEP Pill for HIV Prevention Among Latinos

Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News; Posted Aug 26, 1:04 p.m. ET

"It hasn't really hit the Latino community yet," Jesse Hinostroza, an HIV prevention specialist with AltaMed health clinics, said while sitting at a table with a bowl of condoms and a stack of bilingual pamphlets about the pill. "They aren't educated about it."

5 Top Worries of People With HIV Over 50: The View From Scotland

Lauren Varga,; Posted Aug 26, 12:28 p.m. ET

In Scotland, the concerns of participants in the Positive Persons' Forum are incorporated into a manifesto for decision makers and service providers, including those seeking to better understand the aging HIV-positive population's concerns and needs.

Jens Lundgren on When to Start HIV Treatment (Video)

Barbara Jungwirth,; Posted Aug 26, 11:56 a.m. ET

The START study, co-chaired by Jens Lundgren, M.D., director of the Centre for Viral Diseases at Copenhagen University, convincingly showed the benefits of beginning antiretroviral treatment immediately after testing positive for HIV. Lundgren thinks that HIV treatment "fills the holes in the immune system" caused by HIV. Results indicated that even the 400 elite controllers included in the study would have benefitted from early treatment.

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