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Rae Lewis-Thornton

Rae Lewis-Thornton Speaks

January 28, 2011

I was told this week on Twitter that I couldn't "be everyone's hero, no matter how many seminars I do or how many times I tell my story." It hit me like a ton of bricks. You really think I do this so people can like me? I don't rightly give a damn if people like me or not. #ForReal. I tweeted that girl until the cows came home. I had just left the doctors with more questions than answers, this was not the day for some petty ass young girl trying to judge me and show off on Twitter. You hating on me cause I'm me? Please!

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Blessings Come in Many Ways ...
January 26, 2011

Everyone knows that I simply love chocolate. So I was elated when I saw the Kilwin's sign go up in Old Town, not too far from my house. I waited patiently for them to open but it seemed like forever. They started construction that summer but didn't open until October 3rd.

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Stop Being a Part of the Problem
January 19, 2011

My heart is so heavy this morning. For Real. It's been months since I've woken up in the morning and actually felt good. And on top of that, I can count on both hands the number of balanced meals I've had in months because my GI system is off. The doctors are saying my brain is not telling my stomach what to do and that is causing havoc. Nonstop nausea, no appetite, sporadic diarrhea, and no matter how much I eat, there's an overwhelming feeling of fullness. But in my hardship, I'm not so self-centered that my heart can't be heavy for something/someone other than myself.

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Monday Reflection: Doers Not Dreamers ...
January 17, 2011

Most people know me as an Emmy Award winning AIDS activist, but my life was committed to social change long before I appeared on the cover of Essence magazine. In many ways, my work in social justice paved the way for the work that I do now. My training ground was Operation PUSH, a legacy of which I am very proud. I remember one of the first assignments given to all the interns was to read, Why We Can't Wait, by Dr. Martin Luther King. It was the first of Dr. King's writings I had ever read and it set the tone for everything I did after.

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F***ing Friday: I Just Don't Get It
January 14, 2011

I really don't understand the fukin problem. I just don't get it. Is it that men think something will happen to their dicks if they wrap it up? Have you men made yourselves believe that feeling her pussy is the most important thing? Do you believe that your dick is the best thing that ever happened to her, that she would never step outside of the relationship? Huh? Is feeling her pussy worth your life? Do you think she is so fine and so clean that she couldn't possibility have HIV? Or, that she's so upright that she would be honest with you. The fact is, about 38% of all newly infected people are infected with HIV by someone who doesn't even know they have HIV. So, you are expecting her to tell you what she may not even know herself.

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My Last Say in 2010 From My Heart!
December 31, 2010

Today is the last day of the year and I'm so freaking excited that I'm up at 5:30 a.m. writing a freaking blog. But I couldn't shut my mind down to fall back to sleep so here I am giving you my last thoughts of the year. First, I want to say THANK YOU! Your support this year has been overwhelming. We are nine months into this blog project and by everyone's standards, it has been a whopping success. I could not have done it without you ... It's true, #IcanntdoitAlone. I Heart You!!!

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Monday Reflection: Accepting the Bad, for Your Good
December 27, 2010

Sometimes shit happens and you get caught up in trying to figure out how the hell you got there. And the recovery from it all is worse than the original fallout. Can I get a witness? From my mess though I've learned a few things. One, I'm stronger than I think. Two, no person or thing is worth compromising your values. And lastly, sometimes God does for us what we are unable to do for ourselves. For Real.

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Monday Reflection: Living in Your Life!
December 20, 2010

In life I have taken some chances. That's what living is all about. I've taken chances on men who promised me the world but in the end only left me empty in spirit. I've taken chances on beauty products that fall short of their promises to work magic. I took a chance in my early profession, moving to Washington, DC, to go work in the Jackson for President Campaign. I took a chance when I appeared on the cover of Essence Magazine as the first African-American to tell my story of living with AIDS at a time when the face of AIDS was still primarily white gay, male, and IV drug user.

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Tea With Rae: An Introduction
December 17, 2010

I don't quite remember when I fell in love with tea but I do remember the most special moments of me drinking tea. I was eighteen years old and I went to live with my biological mother for four months. I had just met her months earlier and it was awkward for both of us. She and her ex-husband lived a very quiet life in Boulder, Colorado. He was a professor at one of the universities and she was a housewife. After years of drug addiction and being in and out of jail, she deserved the break. I was homeless so she and her husband agreed to let me come live with them.

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RLTReads First Book Club Pick!!!
December 6, 2010

I simply love to read. I typically read 1 to 3 books a week. But there are some books I try to read and I just can't no matter how hard I try. Well that's the deal with my first #RLTReads Book Club pick. With this book there is a level of guilt for not having read it. One, it's an AIDS story and two, it was also an Oprah Book Club pick and I pride myself on having read almost all of her picks.

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Rae Lewis-Thornton Speaks

Rae Lewis-Thornton

Rae Lewis-Thornton

Rae Lewis-Thornton is an Emmy Award-winning AIDS activist who rose to national acclaim when she told her story of living with AIDS in a cover story for Essence Magazine. She has lived with HIV for 27 years and AIDS for 19. Rae travels the country speaking and challenging stereotypes and myths about HIV/AIDS. She has a Master of Divinity degree and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Church History. Rae has been featured on Nightline, Dateline NBC, BET and The Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as in countless magazines and newspapers, including Emerge, Glamour, O, the Oprah Winfrey Magazine, Jet, Ebony, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune, to name a few. She earned the coveted Emmy Award for a first-person series on living With AIDS for Chicago's CBS News.

Rae is an active user of social media -- read "Long-Term HIV Survivor Discovers the Power of Twitter," an article on about Rae's social media activities.

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