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Rae Lewis-Thornton

Rae Lewis-Thornton Speaks

On Russell Armstrong: We Never Know a Person's Head, Heart or Capacity
August 18, 2011

A couple of nights ago Russell Armstrong, the husband of Taylor, from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills committed suicide. That was incredibly sad. You never know what someone else is going through.

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Doing It My Way This Time Around!
August 12, 2011

And honestly, I believed if I was going to do it, then I needed a book deal. I'm always thinking big and I just didn't want to do it on my own. And then a few years ago I was swept up in a whirlwind. A friend in the literary world made some inquiries on my behalf and in a matter of weeks I had one of the best literary agents in New York City. Hot dog, I knew this was the time. My friend also got me a writer and I never questioned her credentials. She had been the former editor in chief of one the largest magazines in the country. That was a BIG freaking mistake. I learned just because you can run a company of writers, don't mean you can actually write yourself.

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Monday Reflection: Living With AIDS in My Own Voice!
August 8, 2011

Each day I sit at my computer trying to give you what I think God has given to me to give to you and it flows like a river. But then some days I sit at my computer with nothing to say and from no where it hits me. There are even times when I start writing about one thing and it ends up being another. I never try to force it, I just write what God has put in my heart.

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This Is What Sexual Abuse Looks Like: Eddie Long and R. Kelly!
July 27, 2011

Sunday, I went on one of my famous Twitter rants and my bottom line is this, men keep your dick in your pants, if the person is not the age of sexual consent. Stop using your power to take what you ethically and morally have no right to take! I went on to say to my followers, "If you have a problem with my raw tweets on Sunday, Whatever! *Shrugs* because I'm still mad that Pastors have not spoken up about Eddie Long using the Bible to groom those boys to fuck him." Yep I said it! Basically this needs to be a Sunday morning discussion.

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Monday Reflection: Living With Addiction ...
July 25, 2011

When I heard about Amy Winehouse's death the first thing that crossed my mind, is that you die how you live. It's a sad but true reality and it's not just about drug and alcohol addiction but anything that has a hold on you, and that thing dictates your life.

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Waking to Sadness ...
July 21, 2011

I woke this morning to an overwhelming sadness, as if a cloud of darkness was hanging over my bed, infecting every part of my being. As I laid there, I started to ask the most ridiculous questions of God. Like how long? What's up with that? And on and on. Then I started to think about the Apostle Paul and his throne and then I started to fight back the tears.

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Monday Reflection: Never Surrender to the Madness
July 18, 2011

I've been so freaking sick that it has interfered with everything from literally washing my ass, to walking down the street to working. And if I say it, you know it's gotta be true because I'm miss independent, ain't gonna let nothing stop my ass in this lifetime or the next. But I have to admit, I was thrown a curve ball that knocked me flat on my ass these last seven weeks or so.

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Monday Reflection: What Kind of Caregiver Are You?
June 20, 2011

I have AIDS and there is no denying this fact. It doesn't matter how good I look, how wonderful I sound, or what schedule I push myself to maintain -- I have AIDS.

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Guest Blogger: A Day in the Life When the Diva Is Your Friend
June 14, 2011

Each morning that I wake up, my day is essentially my own. While I am a single parent who maintains full and complete custody of my teen son, I can pretty much dictate how I manage my day. I can take one pill or none. I can go to a doctor or not. Let me tell you, I loathe them and have not been all year. My extremely athletic child however recently suffered a concussion, but I think you get my drift here.

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Monday Reflection: Lives Can Be Changed Through Pain ...
June 6, 2011

I have so much on my freaking mind, it's just racing around and around in my head. And yes, I want to share it all with you, every single bit. Well, not every single bit but mostly every bit. But today I'm just gonna tackle one thing. Last night I got the biggest Aha Moment of 2011 to date. For Real... For Real....

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Rae Lewis-Thornton Speaks

Rae Lewis-Thornton

Rae Lewis-Thornton

Rae Lewis-Thornton is an Emmy Award-winning AIDS activist who rose to national acclaim when she told her story of living with AIDS in a cover story for Essence Magazine. She has lived with HIV for 27 years and AIDS for 19. Rae travels the country speaking and challenging stereotypes and myths about HIV/AIDS. She has a Master of Divinity degree and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Church History. Rae has been featured on Nightline, Dateline NBC, BET and The Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as in countless magazines and newspapers, including Emerge, Glamour, O, the Oprah Winfrey Magazine, Jet, Ebony, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune, to name a few. She earned the coveted Emmy Award for a first-person series on living With AIDS for Chicago's CBS News.

Rae is an active user of social media -- read "Long-Term HIV Survivor Discovers the Power of Twitter," an article on about Rae's social media activities.

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