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Rae Lewis-Thornton

Rae Lewis-Thornton Speaks

A Moral Dilemma: Where Do You Stand?
November 10, 2011

I sat glued to the television last night as Penn State students rioted over Joe Paterno's firing. As an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I sat in disbelief. The primary question was, why would they support Paterno over such a scandal as this? But I had to remove myself from the equation and really see what was going on. I got to tell you, this for me is one moral dilemma just all the way around. Typical of me, I did some reading because the television doesn't say it all. I still have yet to read the court affidavits on the actual charges on Sandusky, but make no mistake I will read them just as I did in the Eddie Long Case.

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Magic, HIV and Me: A Retrospective!
November 8, 2011

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Magic Johnson's announcement that he was HIV infected. The world was buzzing, even in my home. At the time I was sharing a house with Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his brother Jonathan, and we were all friends with Magic's Godfather, who was a long time supporter of their father, Rev. Jesse Jackson.

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Gay or Straight: What's the Problem With Condoms?
November 4, 2011

I was talking to a friend the other day who was telling me that they got into a heated discussion with another friend about safe sex. This one person had been fooling around earlier that day and my friend asked about condoms. And they said, "Well we didn't have any, but he pulled out before he had an orgasm."

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Hurt People Hurt: Breaking the Cycle!
November 2, 2011

Hurt people hurt people is a true reality. Sometimes we do it intentionally. Someone does something to cause us pain and our first impulse is to say,"I'll show them." And that becomes our motivation. And you've allowed them to put you right in the gutter with them. I say often, don't let people make you something you're not.

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#TeamRae -- Chicago AIDS Walk 2011 #FunTimes
October 4, 2011

I didn't think that I could do it this year. My health, as you know has taken center stage and interfered with a good portion of my life. As I debated the yes and no of the Chicago AIDS Walk, some of my devout members tweeted me often asking about the team, so with less than two weeks from the walk, I went ahead and signed up #teamRae.

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Monday Reflection: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Death!
October 3, 2011

I thought that I had lost my mind when I opened the window at 4:00 a.m. and stuck my head out of the window to cool off on Friday. But when I felt the impulse to raise my t-shirt in front of the window this morning so the heat and sweat that was under my breast could cool down, I knew that this was out of control.

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Stop the Madness!
September 30, 2011

I stand by every freaking thing I say and do! And when I'm wrong, I'm wrong, and will admit where I see my wrong. My opinion is my opinion; And guess what? Opinions are like assholes everybody got them. But at the end of the day, we can all agree to disagree. By the way, that's what I say about people reading my blog, you can disagree with me, but when you personally attack me, that's a boundary.

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September 29, 2011

Every morning I thank the Lord for another day and then I grab my IPad to see what's happening on my Twitter timeline. And I hate when I wake to madness; And that's exactly what I got this morning. Lawd knows I wasn't expecting tons of re-tweets showing me foolishness some young people had tweeted.

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That's What Friends Are For!
September 27, 2011

Monday with my IV medication in tote, I made my way to New York to participate in the Dionne Warwick That's What Friends Are For Town Hall Meeting. I was honored to have been asked to be a panelist. But I was most impressed that Ms. Warwick decided to celebrate 50 years in entertainment hosting a town hall meeting focusing on HIV/AIDS.

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Is There Any Sensitivity and Compassion for Me?
September 13, 2011

Today Henrieese Roberts responded to my Blog Post Below, I Wanted to Give Up But God and Twitter. I was going to respond to her on the post, but decided I had too much to say... But it's the one below this one, you can just scroll down.

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Rae Lewis-Thornton Speaks

Rae Lewis-Thornton

Rae Lewis-Thornton

Rae Lewis-Thornton is an Emmy Award-winning AIDS activist who rose to national acclaim when she told her story of living with AIDS in a cover story for Essence Magazine. She has lived with HIV for 27 years and AIDS for 19. Rae travels the country speaking and challenging stereotypes and myths about HIV/AIDS. She has a Master of Divinity degree and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Church History. Rae has been featured on Nightline, Dateline NBC, BET and The Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as in countless magazines and newspapers, including Emerge, Glamour, O, the Oprah Winfrey Magazine, Jet, Ebony, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune, to name a few. She earned the coveted Emmy Award for a first-person series on living With AIDS for Chicago's CBS News.

Rae is an active user of social media -- read "Long-Term HIV Survivor Discovers the Power of Twitter," an article on about Rae's social media activities.

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