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Justin B. Terry-Smith
Justin's HIV Journal

Positive Parenting Moment -- A Son Surprises His Dad
June 10, 2014

There are many things that I want to teach my son as he goes into adult hood. He is 17 years old and sorry to say for him that he has to grow up fast. He has to understand that when you're an adult that are thing that are expected of you. There is one thing that I wanted him to especially understand, which the consideration for what things people might hold dear. Growing up I don't think that he had that. December 27th was my birthday and as most of you know that is two days after Christmas. My family has always been respectful of that and I love them for it. I'm going to guess that after having a talk with my son about planning around that time he understood what I meant. He actually did something that was so creative and loving it surprised me, and as most of you know, I'm almost never surprised. Check out the video.

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Ms. Chanel, Part 2
March 21, 2014

I pushed my Chanel handbag to the side and my toilet bath began. I tore off a good size piece of toilet paper and dipped it into the ice-cold toilet water. Then, I began to wash my body. I wiped off as much as I could from my behind, and then flushed the toilet paper. I pulled off another piece of toilet paper, dipped it in the ice-cold toilet water and repeated the procedure. Dip, wipe, flush, dip, over and over. After I'd gotten every single ounce of poop from one part of my body, I proceeded to the next until every trace was gone.

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Foster Parent Memory -- A Boy and His Chores
February 19, 2014

When a boy becomes one with his chores it's amazing the change you will see. My son was given a chore list to begin his chores every weekend. There were about 10 chores he could do on Saturday thru Sunday. When I was growing up I did just that. He complained so much I decided to make sure that he would do his chores and broke them up into one chore a day. Now he has no excuse on doing his chores. Laziness does not a Terry-Smith make. Of course I was a lot softer in explaining it to him, but I'm known for my tough love. ;-)

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On HIV and Aging
February 2014

There is one thing that we as humans have to face, and that is getting older. There isn't any Botox, moisturizer, or home remedy that will make you stop aging. I belong to the HAG: HIV Aging Group on Facebook, whose goal is to discuss all issues related to the senior HIV patient experience. The group was a mystery to me until someone suggested I join it. Now, I'm 34, but I'm considered young to some and old to others. As I was mulling over this month's column, I thought about how I could get a good perspective on experiences from older people living with HIV. I posed to the group this question:

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Justin and Husband Phil Adopt Son
February 2, 2014

ADOPTION DAY is finally here. On January 30th my husband Dr. Philip Terry-Smith adopted our 17 year old LGBT son.

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Justin B. Terry-Smith on Spill Da Tea With Shi Queeta Lee
February 1, 2014

Justin B Terry-Smith -- HIV, Diamond Alexis Blue -- Legal Blindness, Ryan Dillon -- Epilepsy, Tamika Felder -- Cervical Cancer, SaVanna Wanzer -- Community Activist.

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Logo TV Segment "HIV + Me" With Ongina Ryan
December 3, 2013

This segment was done in 2010 on the Logo TV Network online. Ongina Ryan was on Season 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race. She hosted the show where she interviewed HIV positive gay men, including friend and activist Robert Breining. It was so fun I thought I would share it. I was able to e-mail one of the producers of Logo that was able to get this series for me. The reason why its legal to post this is because it was an limited online series that was later taken down. But I had such a great time at the shoot. My friend Damian was with me the whole way in support. After the shoot was over he gave me a tour of NY and it was great fun I loved it. On RuPaul's Drag Race after the MAC Cosmetics Challenge, which benefited the fight against HIV/AIDS, Ongina Ryan began to cry. She then admitted to being HIV positive for the last 2 years and that it meant so much to her when she won the MAC Cosmetics Challenge. This was on NATIONAL TELEVISION. When I saw that I thought to myself what a brave soul and when I was given the e-mail that I would be working with her I was so excited. I did NOT want this chance of meeting her to get away from me. She was beautiful and such a professional. She also commented on how nice my leather pants were lol ANYWAYS enjoy the segment.

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World AIDS Day 2013 PSA
December 1, 2013

I decided to do a little PSA for World AIDS Day 2013. I don't know how I got the idea to even try to pull this off but I tried. The only thing I wish people would take from this is to know your HIV status. It's very hard to want to know your status but the sooner you do the better. Whether it is HIV positive or negative it will be alright. At least now you can take the precautions or continue to take the precautions that you need to protect yourself and others from the HIV virus.

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NBC Channel 4 World AIDS Day Report 2009
December 1, 2013

Today I reminisced to when I started out as an AIDS activist. This was my first news interview and I couldn't believe I found it after all these years. I was actually looking back on some old photos of friends and ex-boyfriends that passed away. I found this news interview and it was when I was about 29, which was about 4 years ago. Now I look at my life now and I didn't think I would be married legally and I didn't think I would be a father. I didn't think that I would've come out with a children's book about HIV or have done HIV activism as deeply as I have now.

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Taking the OraQuick HIV In-Home Test
November 13, 2013

At first, when I learned of this test I was skeptical. But if it is going to benefit people I figured I'd try it myself, even though I already know I'm HIV positive. This test has made me think of how far we have come in HIV testing. Before it was a blood test that you have to wait at least 2 weeks for. Now it's a 20 minute test you can take at home. This test came into play about June/July of 2012. It can be found online as well as your local drug stores including Walgreens, CVS, Sears, WalMart etc.

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