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Justin B. Terry-Smith

Justin's HIV Journal

NBC Channel 4 World AIDS Day Report 2009
December 1, 2013

Today I reminisced to when I started out as an AIDS activist. This was my first news interview and I couldn't believe I found it after all these years. I was actually looking back on some old photos of friends and ex-boyfriends that passed away. I found this news interview and it was when I was about 29, which was about 4 years ago. Now I look at my life now and I didn't think I would be married legally and I didn't think I would be a father. I didn't think that I would've come out with a children's book about HIV or have done HIV activism as deeply as I have now.

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Taking the OraQuick HIV In-Home Test
November 13, 2013

At first, when I learned of this test I was skeptical. But if it is going to benefit people I figured I'd try it myself, even though I already know I'm HIV positive. This test has made me think of how far we have come in HIV testing. Before it was a blood test that you have to wait at least 2 weeks for. Now it's a 20 minute test you can take at home. This test came into play about June/July of 2012. It can be found online as well as your local drug stores including Walgreens, CVS, Sears, WalMart etc.

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Who Infected Me With HIV?
October 19, 2013

When I was infected with HIV, I called the person who I believed in infected me, I got him tested and he was positive also; that happened in 2006. All these years I thought I knew who infected me. But something came up a couple of months ago. I got a phone call from a friend who said that we had sex unprotected some year back. I honestly had no idea, but I knew we had sex before about 3 times. I do remember all the times we had sex, but I didn't know that one of those times was unprotected. I must say he didn't know he was HIV positive at the time either, but he found out later. When he had eventually found out, we had already lost contact.

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What Does Pride Mean to You?
October 7, 2013

During PRIDE in DC I walked around asking people just one question. What does Pride mean to them?

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Positively Aware's A Day With HIV in America Campaign
September 3, 2013


Positively Aware magazine wants you to think about that question. Because, whether you're positive or negative, we are all affected by HIV.

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Justin Goes Skydiving
September 2, 2013

When someone is diagnosed with HIV, almost immediately a person's mindset changes; the mindset most often turns into a negative way of thinking. I've learned that I cannot let HIV dictate how I live my life, as long as it turns into a healthier way of thinking. Sometimes I know that I fall short of this myself but the only thing I can do is try my best. I urge everyone to try their best in living their own lives. In my past I've always been a person that likes to travel in their own footsteps, and now through that mentality I have the chance to live again. I've decided that I'm going to live, love and laugh freely. I'm trying to get the negativity out of my life, try to love myself and others more even if they speak or think negatively about me. I don't have time or energy to concentrate on that; all I can be is the best I can be.

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A&U July Advice Column: Polyamory and Negotiating Safer Sex
July 18, 2013

We actually know each other on Facebook and throughout the community, but I wanted to write you this letter in confidence.

My partner and I moved away to work on our relationship and now we are considering moving back to the area. After many discussions my partner is finally opening up to the idea of polyamory. I've been a polyamorist for a long time and my partner didn't like the idea of a third person in our relationship, but, now, since we have talked, he is open to the idea. Well, we have found a third, but there is a slight problem.

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What About Black LGBT Pride?
June 1, 2013

So, Patrick and I decided to make another video with people who came to Black Gay Pride, asking them what it really means to them. Hopefully, this would help others, like my friend, to understand that this was not meant to threaten, but to enlighten those who didn't understand why we have a Black Gay Pride. Listening is probably the best thing.

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Why Is There a Black Gay Pride?
May 24, 2013

DC BLACK GAY PRIDE: Well it's been a long time. I've not been in about 5-6 years. Well it's about time I come back. I've missed a vital part of who I am and a community that needs me. I can't wait to enjoy the festivities, and if you hate it leave the NEGATIVITY at the door. This weekend I want to make it fun and I want to enjoy the togetherness I feel with my Gay Black Brothers. Yes I belong to other communities (i.e. the leather, HIV, activism communities) but I feel I've neglected my responsibilities to this community. Let's be apart of the SOLUTION and not the PROBLEM. I'M PROUD TO BE A BLACK, GAY, MARRIED, FATHER, LEATHERMAN WHO HAPPENS TO KNOW HIS HIV STATUS!!!!

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Raw Sex, Roulette Parties, HIV/AIDS and BDSM
May 14, 2013

Justin's HIV Journal: Justin talks about Raw Sex, Roulette Parties, HIV/AIDS and BDSM

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Justin's HIV Journal

Justin B. Terry-Smith

Justin B. Terry-Smith

Justin B. Terry-Smith, M.P.H., may be one of the most public African Americans living with HIV: He has his own website, and he's even on YouTube. He is a noted HIV and gay civil rights activist and the creator of "Justin's HIV Journal," a popular blog in which he shares his trials and tribulations of living with HIV. A U.S. Air Force veteran, Justin resides in Laurel, Maryland, with his husband, Dr. Philip Terry-Smith, and their son, Lundyn. Presently, Justin is working toward earning his doctorate in public health. He welcomes your questions.
(Photo credit: Don Harris)

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