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Hoping for Clemency, Someday, From My 70-Year Sentence for HIV Nondisclosure
By Tim Hinkhouse
July 7, 2016

Hello there readers: Here it is another day in prison closer to my release date of February 12, 2050. For you new readers, I put out a call this past September 2015, asking for advocates and activists to help me. I put in a clemency application, asking the Oregon Governor, Ms. Kate Brown, to grant me mercy and let me out after more than two decades in prison.

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An Update on Our September Play Performances for Inmates and Outside Audiences
By Tim Hinkhouse
July 5, 2016

Hello there readers: Want to hear the latest thing going on in my life? I recently found out that the play picked out for us to perform for the inmates and outside audiences in September will be Metamorphoses. This play was written by Mary Zimmerman and is based on Greek mythology. Currently I have four parts, and possibly even a fifth part could be given to me.

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Remembering Family We've Lost
By Tim Hinkhouse
June 30, 2016

Hello there readers: Memorial Day has recently passed, which is the day we are supposed to remember the loved ones we've lost. I can remember when I was a child, riding in the car with my mom and her mom and dad to the cemetery to put flowers on the graves of people I didn't know or remember. How could I honor their memories if I didn't know them? I was brought along because I was too young to stay home alone. When I asked my Grandma why I had to go with them, I can remember her saying, "Because I want you here with me." I knew that I was her favorite grandson because she spoiled me, so I just accepted being there with her.

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The First Generation to Age With HIV: Taking a Look at Long-Term Survival
By Sherri Beachfront Lewis
June 23, 2016

June 5 marked 35 years since AIDS was first identified in 1981. It is now HIV Long- Term Survivors Awareness Day. A long time ago, I tried to think positive about living positive by putting my headphones on, listening to Louise Hay and her soothing v …

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Justin's 10-Year Anniversary of Living With HIV (Video)
By Justin B. Terry-Smith
June 21, 2016

It has been 10 years since I was diagnosed with HIV. I've changed HIV medications twice, and my body seems to like the latest one far better than the other two regimens I was on. I seem to have dealt rather well with things that have come along with being infected with HIV. Physically I didn't expect to get Rosacea, but I'm keeping it under control by trying to avoid things that I really like to eat and drink. I did break out in hives on my arms one time, and it was intolerable to the point where I was screaming in pain, but that went away when I took an anti-inflammatory.

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Grieving Orlando

June 16, 2016

We are heartbroken by the recent tragedy at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida which killed 49 people, the majority of whom were Latinx and other LGBTQ people of color.

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This is More Than the Orlando Shooting
By Aaron Laxton
June 13, 2016

Today, I feel sad. I feel blah and numb. Today, I question all of the strides which we have moved us forward. As an older LGBT community member, I remember a time when it was not okay to be gay. It wasn't acceptable to hold hands or kiss in public. I also remember outing myself under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in order to stand up with other soldiers who were being discharged from the military simply for being gay.

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Suffering in Silence: Why the HIV Community Can No Longer Ignore Mental Health
By Josh Middleton
June 8, 2016

The reality is that the HIV community is in the middle of a mental health crisis, the stakes could never be higher and our lives are on the line. We are focusing on the exterior rather than the interior and quantity over quality. Our tunnel vision has blinded us to the serious situation in which we find ourselves.

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There's More Room in a Broken Heart
By Mark S. King
June 7, 2016

When Will Armstrong emerges from heart surgery in just a few days, he will have weeks of hospitalization ahead. He will also have expensive new hardware in his chest and a devoted animal waiting anxiously at home.

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We Call Ourselves HIV Long-Term Survivors
By Matt Ebert
June 5, 2016

Every year on June 5, we remember those who died, and we celebrate those who are still living with HIV/AIDS. We call ourselves Long-Term Survivors. It is hard to translate this feeling in real time, with so much else going on in the world. To many, it feels like HIV/AIDS is over, but we know otherwise. We know that people are still getting HIV, and many are showing up in clinics and hospitals all across the world with full blown AIDS. We know it's not over, whether the world has moved on or moved over us, we are still here, and we are here for the duration.

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