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My Marriage and Very Important Dennis De Leon Voz de Compromiso Award
By Maria T. Mejia
June 16, 2014

I wanted to share with the whole world my special moment and also announce that Lisa and I are married! :) We got married in New York.

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Brookey's Back and Bitchin'
By Brooke Davidoff
June 16, 2014

After a sabbatical from the real world I am returning, going to the gym, looking for a job and wrangling my almost-4-year-old Myles while I attempt to find my next new beginning. Sometimes you need to do "something" to help lift the fog, and sometimes it happens on its own.

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The Voiceless Message
By Enrique Franco
June 16, 2014

Alright, let me start off by saying I do NOT regret expressing what I stated before in my last blog entry on PrEP -- MY personal OPINION on such a sensitive matter within our LGBT community, whether HIV poz or not. I wrote what I thought needed to be vocalized. I understood the possibilities of both positive and negative feedback and comments. I put it out there and took it all in. And you know what, sometimes some things, ideas and opinions need to be vocalized. Sometimes the hard, cold, ugly situations need to be vocalized. That also goes with those who have the voices that do not agree with someone else's vocalized opinion.

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What's Faith Got to Do With It?
By Rev. Andrena Ingram
June 13, 2014

Please, don't take this personal. When folks talk about faith and HIV, I can only go from my experience and the experiences I have gathered on my journey and the journey of those blessed men and women who have shared their faith experience with me.

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Positive Parenting Moment -- A Son Surprises His Dad
By Justin B. Terry-Smith
June 10, 2014

There are many things that I want to teach my son as he goes into adult hood. He is 17 years old and sorry to say for him that he has to grow up fast. He has to understand that when you're an adult that are thing that are expected of you. There is one thing that I wanted him to especially understand, which the consideration for what things people might hold dear. Growing up I don't think that he had that. December 27th was my birthday and as most of you know that is two days after Christmas. My family has always been respectful of that and I love them for it. I'm going to guess that after having a talk with my son about planning around that time he understood what I meant. He actually did something that was so creative and loving it surprised me, and as most of you know, I'm almost never surprised. Check out the video.

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Are You Having "Bad Sex"?
By Brian Ledford
June 10, 2014

I love to watch the TV show "Bad Sex" on LogoTV. Mostly it is because I think the host Chris Donaghue is amazingly hot and I have a huge man crush on him, but also because at times it can be a real train wreck. With each episode I find that on some level I am able to relate to something most of the members of the show are going through, it can be some small aspect or it can be the main reason they are there seeking treatment.

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Request for Workshop Submissions: SPEAK UP! A National Leadership Summit for Women Living With HIV

June 10, 2014

Positive Women's Network - USA is hosting our first-ever National Leadership Summit for Women Living With HIV, this Fall! SPEAK UP! A National Leadership Summit for Women Living with HIV will be held September 17-19, 2014 in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. The Summit is designed to provide 200 women living with HIV with a learning and networking experience which supports their ability to advocate for themselves, their families, the communities in which they reside and within the larger community of women living with HIV across the United States.

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A Poem of Celebration for National HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day
By Khafre Abif
June 5, 2014

On June 6th I will be 48 years old. I have been living with HIV/AIDS for more than half of my life.

On June 5th, Long Term Survivors Awareness Day ...

I celebrate!

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The Poz+ Life Episode 1 (Video)
By Patrick Ingram
June 3, 2014

Patrick Ingram turns the camera around and gives voice to some newly diagnosed young gay men of color in his new series of videos "The Poz+ Life."

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Worry Wart
By Antron Reshaud Olukayode
May 31, 2014

Right now, I'm holding MADISON (my iPad) feeling completely and utterly, as if life's obstacles aren't problematic enough with so many layers and barriers presented to road block me. Oh the shade!

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