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HIV/AIDS Blog Central: Perspectives From the HIV/AIDS Community

The Journey From Small Town Secret to Sharing My HIV Story
By Harold R. "Scottie" Scott
September 13, 2016

In late 1989, I met and dated someone for about three months. It was from this brief "fling" that my life would be forever changed as, being rather naive, I allowed myself to become infected with HIV. After discussing HIV/AIDS risks, and before participating in unprotected sex, the person I was dating told me they were not infected, so I believed there was nothing to worry about. That would change.

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HIV-Positive Protagonists, Part Three
By Christian Kiley
September 10, 2016

How did popular media affect perceptions of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1990s?

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Curiosity: We Need to Stop Hiding and Speak Up
By Brooke Davidoff
September 9, 2016

Most of the people who find out I have HIV from seeing my blog or my Facebook page are curious. They are usually people I knew in high school or middle school. They do not send name-calling emails calling me a slut. They ask questions.

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It's Time for Change
By Tiommi Luckett
August 30, 2016

Those of us living with or affected by HIV have a common goal in mind: to eradicate transmission of HIV. So, why are HIV transmissions rates on a steady rise with each passing year?

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Learning to Survive the Journey of Life Together, HIV, Baby and All
By Brooke Davidoff
August 29, 2016

Do you need help with verbal communication in your relationships? Watch the reality TV show Married at First Sight -- I'm not even kidding.

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5 Tips to Bridge the Gap With Your HIV Health Care Team
By Josh Middleton
August 19, 2016

Bridging the gap with your health care team can seem like a daunting task. After all, they are the experts who spent years in school and have all the answers, right? It's natural to sense an us-versus-them mentality; however, this is not how the relationship should function.

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The Human Toll of Chase Brexton's Union-Busting Efforts
By Mark S. King
August 16, 2016

Jill Crank misses her patients terribly. And she is worried about them.

"The last thing I want is for them to think I abandoned them," Jill said. "I'm afraid they might not know what to do."

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Advocacy Is a War Worth Waging
By Lynda Arnold
August 11, 2016

It's been a very busy few months since I last blogged. I am proud to say that I remain undetectable and am adhering to my medication regimen. I just asked my HIV doc about switching to a single, once-a-day regimen and giving that a try again, but with multi-drug-resistant HIV she does not feel that is wise at this point, so again I will wait. Patiently. I'm not always this patient. In fact, sometimes I can be aggressive and demanding. Relentless and single-minded. Driven and determined. Not to mention perceived as quite annoying or even bitchy. Somewhere in that mix, however, is the recipe for a true advocate.

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Thanking the People Who Have Made Contributions to My Life
By Tim Hinkhouse
August 5, 2016

Hello there readers: I told you about one volunteer we have for our dialog group named Jude. I saw her this past weekend, and she had reminded me about a paper I wrote for her class with the topic, "The hands of people that have made contributions to your life." I thought this was great. The very first thing I did was to trace my hand on the page and then wrote:

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By Bruce Richman
August 4, 2016

While people with HIV and our partners celebrate the groundswell of groundbreaking, stigma-shattering evidence proving that people with HIV with an undetectable viral load cannot transmit HIV, it can be frustrating, to say the least, when people communicate inaccurately that we're a significant risk.

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