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Hard to Say Who's to Blame for 'Patient Zero'?
By Aless Piper
February 21, 2017

In the diagram, he is represented by a black circle -- black, for Kaposi sarcoma. Unlike the others, there is no city or state accompanying this information; in fact, the "0" is actually an "O" meant to represent "outside California" or "outside of the U.S.," and his placement at the center of the diagram is arbitrary. Two years later, the "0" and its placement in the diagram would take on all-new, sinister significance as "Patient Zero" in Randy Shilts' book, And the Band Played On: People, Politics and the AIDS Epidemic. "0," or Shilts' preferred term, "Patient Zero" was Gaëtan Dugas.

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Sex After Diagnosis: My Journey to Believing That Undetectable HIV Viral Load Means Uninfectious
By Josh Middleton
February 16, 2017

An image of the moment I was diagnosed HIV positive remains vivid in my mind. The feelings and emotions that ran through my body like a lightening bolt that day are not easily forgotten. They will be with me forever, as will my feeling of infectiousness upon hearing the words that have played in my mind like a broken record all these years: "Josh, I am sorry, but you are HIV positive."

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Bruce Richman Is Totally Hot and Other HIV Activism Truths
By Mark S. King
February 7, 2017

My friend Charles Sanchez is the creator of the musical web series Merce, about an HIV positive New Yorker. But enough about him. Charles and I constantly argue about which one of us has spoken to Bruce Richman most recently, and for how long. Bruce also lives in New York so Charles appears to have the upper hand, but I'm convinced my calls with Bruce are more intimate and consequential.

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Prison Doctor Just Switched Me to Genvoya, and I Don't Know What to Expect
By Tim Hinkhouse
February 7, 2017

Hello there readers: I wanted to write and let you know that I finally got to see Dr. Dan Dewsnup yesterday. This is the infectious disease specialist for all 14,000-plus prisoners in the state of Oregon with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. He apparently was at this prison in October 2016 but was unable to see me due to scheduling or something. I have actually been a little concerned about how everything would turn out with my labs because of a cold I had recently. Lots of green tea and cough drops saved me!

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While We Wait for an HIV Cure, Don't Forget to Live
By Harold R. "Scottie" Scott
February 3, 2017

It was once said that there have always been survivors of cancer, HIV and other potentially life-threatening conditions. So, as HIV/AIDS is what I personally live with, should I and others look beyond our situation and consider the possibility of a life without it?

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Please Sign My Petition for Clemency and Help End HIV Criminalization
By Tim Hinkhouse
February 2, 2017

Hello there readers: I wanted to reach out and ask for your help. My friend who manages my Gmail account has posted a petition online at asking that some much needed attention be brought to my clemency application. I am asking Oregon Governor Kate Brown to let me out of prison after more than two decades inside.

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After Week One of a Trump Presidency, Facing Fears That My Son Will Have a Sick, Dying Mother
By Brooke Davidoff
February 1, 2017

I don't want to get crazy and emotional if it's all speculation; it might not be as bad as it sounds. Trump might not get rid of the part of Obamacare that guarantees medical insurance to people with pre-existing conditions. You never know, Trumpland might not be as bad as I think it will become.

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The Double Stigma of Having HIV and Being Imprisoned
By Tim Hinkhouse
January 30, 2017

This past year, I decided to reach out on a dating website to try to meet someone special and build a relationship that I hoped would work out. Anyone reading this can understand what I want in life because you probably want it, too? I started talking with someone locally, and she seemed interested in me, and I pursued her.

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Examining Death, Including the One I Caused
By Mark S. King
January 25, 2017

My memorial service will be fabulous, I can assure you of that. I first outlined it during the initial, deadly wave of AIDS in the 1980s, and have edited it here and there over the years, updating the songs I would like played or the video footage shown.

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Advocates' Door
By Davina Conner
January 24, 2017

In a deep thought, we think of the smiles, joy, love and care that our friends bring to so many of us. They love unconditionally without limits, without restraint and with every fiber of who they are. Without passing judgment on any other human being, they push to help others feel happy inside and out. We sometimes forget that advocates are people too and have emotions, and when we see their smiles that light up, it gives others hope that they too will smile in that way, but sometimes we have to realize that they need the same unconditional love without judgment.

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