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HIV and Support Systems
By Brian Ledford
March 20, 2014

I received a call this evening from The Marine's Wounded Worrior group that really got me to thinking. It was great to get the call in the respect that it makes me feel like I have not been forgotten and that I am still part of the Marine family that I love so much. But this call got me thinking, which is usually a bad thing. I guess this is just part of the funk I have been in for a while now.

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Love Art and Sex
By Antron Reshaud Olukayode
March 19, 2014

Thursday night, I was under the sheets of a familiar gentleman who has been in my life for about five years named Dre. He invited me over to provide winter heat and of course I obliged. After the traveling, I met the best friend of his roommate the moment I'm at the door. To be honest, I've had encounters where I've met one too many of the roommates, which left a bad taste in my mouth, but that's another post. This situation was tolerable, plus we were too busy getting reacquainted.

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I'm Not Tired of Men, Are You?
By Rae Lewis-Thornton
March 18, 2014

I'm always amazed at how women respond to my blog posts both good and bad. I used to internalize this stuff until I realized that the response really isn't so much about me, but about them. I find this to be true no matter the comment, good or bad.

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Both Sides Now: Caring for an HIV-Negative Partner
By Bob Leahy
March 16, 2014

I've never really been a high-maintenance patient myself. Only the odd hospital stay here and there, the odd bouts of depression and anxiety which have largely dissipated as the years dragged on since my diagnosis in 1993. I've put on a brave face since day one. No practical things I couldn't do myself either -- although that's not to say I haven't played the patient card on occasion. No more cleaning of fish tanks for me, no dealing with kitty litter, for instance but that was more because I disliked doing these chores rather than any perceived health hazard, but better to be safe than sorry, right? *wink wink*

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Las Películas que Pueden Alimentar el Estigma y la Ignorancia
Por Maria T. Mejia
16 de marzo de 2014

Cuando me senté con mi esposa Lisa para ver El Club Compradores de Dallas (Dallas Buyers Club), yo estaba en shock, qué actores maravillosos. Realmente hicieron un buen trabajo! Y fue parte de la historia. Eso lo viví através de la mayor parte de mi diagnostico en lo que esta enfermedad era conocida como GRID o una condición de prostitutas o drogadictos. Pero, nada toca a Filadelfia para mí :) Fue una película muy profunda y me tocó profundamente! Supongo que es una cuestión de gustos, no quitándole nada la película BDC.

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Movies That Can Fuel Stigma and Ignorance
By Maria T. Mejia
March 16, 2014

As I sat with my wife, Lisa, and watched Dallas Buyers Club, I was like "wow! what wonderful actors!" They really did a good job! And it was part of history. I lived through most of that in those times when this condition was known as GRID, or a condition for prostitutes or drug users. But nothing touches Philadelphia for me. :) It was a very deep movie and it touched me deeply! I guess it is a matter of taste, not taking anything away from DBC.

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And the Hits Just Keep on Coming: A Negative Opinion on PrEP
By Enrique Franco
March 16, 2014

I have been reading and viewing a lot of videos on how PrEP has become the new "condom." Gay men everywhere are openly saying that it's OK to engage in bareback sex with HIV-positive men so long as you take PrEP on a regular basis. These guys sound worse than the bug chasers. WHAT THE HELL is going on within our LGBT community? Is THIS the norm? Is this type of behavior all right to exhibit toward straight people and those negative guys and girls? Are we, within our LGBT community, creating our OWN new issue for those straight people and negative people to pass rightful judgment on how we view sexual responsibilities? REALLY?? The most serious question to ask here is WHY IS THIS OK?

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Will HIV Ever Be Safe Enough for You?
By Mark S. King
March 11, 2014

There is a classic episode of Oprah from 1987 that can still raise my blood pressure. That year, the tiny town of Williamson, West Virginia, became part of a national discussion about AIDS when Mike Sisco, who had returned to his home town to die of the disease, dared to step into a public pool.

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Am I A Prude?
By Ben B.
March 10, 2014

... Or have my values been colonized by the heteronormative hegemony of a previous generation?

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How Technology Decreases the Stigma Surrounding STDs
By Candace Y.A. Montague
March 7, 2014

Mitchell Kapor once said "Getting information off the Internet is like drinking from a fire hydrant." When you want to know more about a topic, there are so many user-friendly options. There was a time when sexually transmitted diseases were mysterious to the general public. People would discover something unusual on their body, get a diagnosis and medication from a physician, and then go home with just a pamphlet or two about their "disease." There wasn't much concern about whether or not the patient had follow up questions or wanted to talk to someone who had been through the same experience. Most of all, their diagnosis was kept uber quiet for fear of isolation.

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