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HIV/AIDS Blog Central: Perspectives From the HIV/AIDS Community

Ending HIV Stigma
By Christina Carta
November 21, 2016

We are not just another case number. We are important to our communities.

You never know who you will run into sometimes, even at the doctor's office. I myself, as so many, live with my status. I don't want to say illness or disease, because both remind me of being sick.

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For Black Boys Who've Considered Suicide When Undetectable Isn't Enuff
By Abdul-Aliy A Muhammad
November 21, 2016

Over a year ago, I was asked to step into a role as facilitator of a group for poz black men.

The new director of the organization had surreptitiously changed the name of the group to "undetectable voices"! He had been challenged on this and kept pressing, thinking this name was his golden ticket to transforming programming at the agency. I had deep feelings about this, and disagreed with and talked with him about how problematic it was to organize a group around undetectable HIV.

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What I Would Tell Another Woman About PWN Speak Up Summit 2016
By Davina Conner
November 20, 2016

September 27-30, 2016, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, I attended a women's conference with 250 women both diagnosed with HIV and not diagnosed with HIV. People were diagnosed from over 30 years ago all the way down to a year ago. It was a great experience, something that every woman that has been diagnosed with HIV should attend. The women embraced everyone with love and made the newly diagnosed women feel a sense of comfort, hope and relief. It was a place to learn about different HIV issues that all women seem to face.

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We All Need to Stand Up to Defend HIV Medical Care in the Trump Era
By Tim Hinkhouse
November 18, 2016

Here it is post-election, and when I heard that the new guy was elected into the White House and not Hillary Clinton, I felt as if a relative had died that I'll miss tremendously. Like a lot of the country today, I have been walking around in a haze of confusion, sadness and anger and am mourning the loss of my dignity.

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Sleeping With President Donald Trump
By Mark S. King
November 15, 2016

I am on my feet at the Thanksgiving table, and my fists are slamming into the linen napkins. Silverware is quaking, pottery is rattling. The force of a particularly hard blow to the tabletop sends a dinner roll catapulting from the bread basket.

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Structural Inequality Within HIV/AIDS Service Organizations Must End
By Art Jackson
November 15, 2016

As I sat and contemplated what I would write about for World AIDS Day, I thought of many topics. Each was worthy, yet the one that made me the most uncomfortable was the one I chose. In 2016, the inequality that still permeates decision-making roles within HIV/AIDS service organizations and state HIV/AIDS departments can't continue. The failure to confront our own racism, bigotry and lack of diversity is costing lives and feels paternalistic.

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The Blessing of Desperation: My Journey to Reduce Stress After My HIV Diagnosis
By Reggie Smith
November 15, 2016

The journey of my life was dramatically altered when I was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1988. There was so much that we did not know about HIV then. What we knew for sure was that people were dying in grotesque fashion, at an alarming and epidemic rate. It was not abnormal to expect that my fate would be the same -- that it would not take long for me to suffer and die. I was so afraid that my life was ending that it caused me a great deal of stress. As it turns out, stress is a killer too, and it works well with HIV to accomplish the goal of sickness and death. I could not turn back time and keep from contracting HIV, but managing my own stress was and is something I can control.

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Aboard the 2016 HIV Cruise Retreat
By Mark S. King
November 11, 2016

The spirit of the annual HIV Cruise Retreat (also known as "the Poz Cruise" but not associated with POZ Magazine) can be summed up in one enlightening story.

Matthew had some bad luck as he boarded the ship for our 8-day tour of the Caribbean. His luggage didn't make it. He literally had his carry-on bag (which included his meds, thank goodness) and the clothes on his back.

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As Old As You Feel, Aging With HIV
By Harold R. "Scottie" Scott
November 9, 2016

For many of us, learning to incorporate living with HIV/AIDS and adhering to a daily routine of taking meds to treat the condition, along with dealing with possible side-effects of those meds, are just normal parts of everyday life. As a long-term survivor of 25 years, I am faced with not only keeping the virus in check, but also dealing with cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, triglyceride issues and now lipodystrophy and stage 3 chronic kidney disease. This is all due in part to HIV/AIDS, the meds used to treat it, aging (I will turn 55 on Feb. 2) or a combination of these things.

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Efavirenz Side Effects Include Suicide Risk; It Could Have Been Me
By Matt Ebert
October 28, 2016

Every year come the reports about efavirenz (Sustiva, Stocrin), downwind from a time I will never forget. They are reminders of something I have known for over a decade: Side effects from this drug can include suicide, with clearly elevated rates in those who have concurrent mental illness or who use street drugs.

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