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Dating Websites for People Living With STDs: Are They Worth It?
By Candace Y.A. Montague
December 19, 2013

So you hear health experts say all the time that knowing your status and disclosure are a few of the best ways to help stop the spread of HIV and other STDs. OK. You get that. What they don't address is how to overcome challenges that may come with having "the talk" with partners.

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Erasing Gay Men From AIDS History
By Mark S. King
December 17, 2013

Kenneth Cole's appearance on Chelsea Lately last week was meant to promote the documentary he produced about the history of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (The Battle of amfAR). Instead, the shoe designer insulted gay activists everywhere.

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"Live Your Life": Thanks and Encouragement to the HIV Community for 2014 (Video)
By Aaron Laxton
December 16, 2013

In this special holiday entry, Aaron reflects on his journey -- and the more than 200 videos he's posted since his life-changing HIV diagnosis two and a half years ago.

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Killing HIV Stigma in the LGBTQ Community
By Brian Ledford
December 13, 2013

I have touched on this subject before but I feel passionate about it and I think it is something that really needs to be discussed more in the GLBTQ community. We all talk about erasing the stigmas related to HIV and how people need to be educated on the subject, which I fully support and believe in, and also in the GLBTQ community we talk about wanting equality and to just be treated like the rest of humanity, which I also support and agree with.

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Creating Your Vision for the Coming Year
By David Fawcett, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.
December 11, 2013

As the old year rolls over, it's natural to review how well our lives have functioned during the past 12 months. Many of us take the opportunity to make resolutions about changing our behavior. These often concern diet, getting to the gym, or cutting back on other things that might not contribute to our health. This well-intentioned exercise often collapses, falling away within weeks (or even days) as our resolve and the routines of daily living once again intrude into our hope that this year will be different.

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Fighting the "Holiday Blues"
By ScotCharles
December 11, 2013

My mother died on Christmas Eve eight years ago. My partner and I had been in the south of France for a month so that I could work on the language requirement for my master's degree from the University of Edinburgh. After the end of that month, we took the train to Paris to spend Christmas and New Year's. I had not checked my e-mail for a month so I walked down to an internet café to catch up. As I read my e-mails, I was horrified to read a series of e-mails that said my mother was in the hospital, that she was getting worse, and then that she had died. I rushed back to the hotel to call my sister on her mobile to find out the funeral plans for my mom. My sister said the funeral was the next day in Orlando, Florida. I told her it was not possible for me to get from Paris to Orlando in time for the funeral and asked her to delay the funeral for a few days. My sister said a delay was impossible as the plans were too far advanced and calls had been made for the family to attend. I asked my sis to give my regrets to the family and we hung up. Later that same day, my partner and I visited Chartres Cathedral where I lit a candle for my mom and said a Rosary for the repose of her soul. My sister and my family have never forgiven me for not attending my mom's funeral and we have not spoken since.

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And What About Dating With HIV?
By Rae Lewis-Thornton
December 9, 2013

A couple of weeks ago my mentor asked me about my love life. I wasn't expecting the question but I gave an honest answer. It went something like this:

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Taking Back Control ...
By Rae Lewis-Thornton
December 9, 2013

In the month prior to going on this last round of IV medication I was on top of the world. Overall, I was feeling BETTER. My Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) seemed to be under control. I was having regular, everyday bowel movements. I had more energy and was feeling great. I believe the combination of my new diet, working out and juicing was the sum total of my better days. I've been eating Paleo since the middle of October. Basically, meat, vegetables, fruits nuts and seeds. No dairy, legumes, grains or refined sugar. I was juicing everyday and working out everyday. I love CrossFit. It is the workout to get me off the sofa and the people of at River North Crossfit have been very supportive.

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Stories I Lived to Tell
By Sherri Beachfront Lewis
December 8, 2013

World AIDS Day 2013! I'm still here, blessed with perfect health. A miracle.

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Nelson Mandela: Great Is Too Small a Word
By Dave R.
December 6, 2013

While most modern leaders base their careers on the Machiavellian quote that "It is better to be feared than loved," a handful of people throughout history prove by their lives and work that that doesn't necessarily have to be true. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa are names that spring to mind but history may judge Nelson Mandela to be possibly the greatest of them all. His ability to unite a land on the edge of chaos and riddled with partisan hatred and division, after 27 years of imprisonment and personal humiliation, is nothing short of miraculous.

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