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Traveling With HIV

by Dan Dunable

June 1999

Last summer I attended the 12th World AIDS Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. This was my first trip overseas, and to say I was excited was definitely an understatement. I prepared in the usual way for a trip, buying some new clothes, getting film for my camera, arranging for someone to look after my pets, etc. But those of us living with HIV also have many other things to consider when traveling. Dealing with packing and storing our medicines, taking our pills on time when crossing time zones, being prepared for emergency medical care, and avoiding new infections might be new concerns we've never dealt with before. Fortunately I had been forewarned about these issues and was able to prepare. Also, I was going to a major AIDS conference and knew that there would be many AIDS specializing physicians there that I knew. Most of the time we travel, we don't have that type of peace of mind.

Now that it's approaching summer again, I thought this would be a good time to review some tips that can take some of the anxiety out of traveling, and help you to enjoy your time away.

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