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Archive of Articles From The Treatment Action Group (TAG)

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from the Treatment Action Group (TAG):
A monthly paper of research and policy


Spring 2016

  1. Greed and the Necessity for Regulation
    The story of U.S. drug pricing run amok isn't just about corporate arrogance and avarice -- it is also about government permissiveness and inaction.
  2. PrEP Pricing Problems
    A number of barriers to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake, use, and adherence have been identified -- cost shouldn't be one of them.
  3. The Low Cost of Universal Access
    Generic treatments for HIV, viral hepatitis, and cancer can be affordably -- and profitably -- mass-produced for broad, unobstructed availability.


Fall 2015

  1. The Challenge of Defining HIV Remission
    Supportive regulatory guidance for cure research requires a clear understanding of all possible outcomes, including remission.
  2. PrEP: The Pathway to Global Access
    Regulatory filing and review delays keep Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis out of reach of those who need it most.

Spring 2015

  1. Ending the HIV Epidemic in New York State
    Not only is it the right thing to do for the health of New Yorkers, but a new analysis demonstrates that it is also cost-effective.
  2. Toward an Ambitious National HIV/AIDS Strategy
    We won't end HIV as an epidemic with anemic goals, delayed surveillance data, feeble support of state policies and resource needs and an inadequate implementation science agenda.
  3. An HIV Cure and Vaccine Within the Next 15 Years?
    Optimism is not without merit, but the science remains incredibly fragile.
  4. C U L8tr: Hepatitis C Eradication
    Hepatitis C is now curable. Now all we need is surveillance to monitor it, global funding to fight it and targets set to address it.


Fall 2014

  1. Generic Drug Registration, Licensing and�a Trip to Gilead's Islands

Spring 2014

  1. Forgotten Negatives: The Limits of Treatment as Prevention
    The CDC's High-Impact Prevention strategy takes aim at the stubborn HIV incidence rate in the United States. The only problem: it doesn't include an ambitious plan for those at risk for the virus.
  2. The White House's Fuzzy Math
    An Office of National AIDS Policy progress report obscures the state of the domestic U.S. HIV/AIDS response.
  3. Marketplace Menaces: Discriminatory Practices by the ACA's Qualified Health Plans
    Advocates scramble to stay ahead of coverage rejections, formulary concerns and exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses facing people living with HIV.
  4. Better Late Than Never: Efavirenz Dose Optimization
    After a study suggests that we've been using too high a dose of efavirenz for a decade and a half, the move toward scaling up a lower and more cost-effective one faces some hurdles.
  5. Punked by Pharma: Public Funds for Private Products
    Tax dollars are making it easier for the drug and diagnostics industry to develop and market essential TB products. Is the public getting a fair return on its investment?
  6. Fool's Errand: The Sloppy Science of the MDR-TB STREAM Trial
    Confirming the efficacy and safety of bedaquiline-inclusive regimens is a priority. Comparing them to unvalidated MDR-TB drug combinations in the planned STREAM study is not the way to go about it.


Fall 2013

  1. A Commitment to the HIV Continuum of Care
    President Obama orders multiagency cooperation to achieve National HIV/AIDS Strategy goals, but without required funding commitment.
  2. Engagement in Care: A Final Frontier of HIV Medicine
    Getting more HIV-positive people linked to and retained in care requires innovation and research.
  3. Toward a Plan to End AIDS in New York State
    A coalition of community groups push to end AIDS at the epicenter of the U.S. epidemic.
  4. HIV Prevention Is the Surest Way to Fight AIDS
    ACT UP/NY demands Department of Health accountability at the epicenter of the U.S. epidemic and commits to reinvigorate the national prevention agenda.
  5. TAG's Commitment to HIV Prevention
  6. Emerging Regulatory Issues in HIV Cure Research
    The science of discovery comes with ethical challenges in human clinical trials.

Spring 2013

  1. Ryan White at a Crossroads: Preparing to Defend and Reshape a Still-Critical Program
  2. The "G" Word: Gilead's Greed Gives Rise to a Slew of Advocacy Priorities
  3. Razing the House of Cards: The Discovery of HAART and the Push for Evidence-Based HIV Treatment
  4. Preparing for Generics: The Push for Affordable HIV Treatment Doesn't End With Patent Expirations
  5. Undetectable Is Not Always Enough: Immunologic Nonresponders Face Increased Risk of Illness, but Lack Therapeutic Options


Fall 2012

  1. On a Darkling Plain -- The Years of Despair
    Before the discovery of HAART.
  2. Only Stronger U.S. Leadership Can End the AIDS Epidemic
    Existing treatment and prevention techniques could prevent millions of new HIV infections and deaths from AIDS -- but only if Obama sustains funding.

Spring 2012

  1. TAG at 20: Early Campaigns
    Reforming NIH AIDS research, boosting the budget and revitalizing the basic science of HIV infection.
  2. The Odyssey of Therapeutic Vaccines for HIV
  3. What You Don't Know, You Can Sell
    Merck's cavalier attitude towards the welfare of HIV/HCV coinfected patients.
  4. Does Obama's 2013 Budget Herald the End of PEPFAR?
    Devastating funding proposal undermines the global fight against AIDS.


Fall 2011

  1. A Golden Decade of Antiretroviral Drug Development
    Success rate for new ARVs entering phases II-III surpassed 32% from 2003-2011; U.S. ADAP prescribing practices closely match recent ARV guidelines.
    By Polly Clayden and Mark Harrington
  2. Cure Research Momentum Accelerates
    By Richard Jefferys
  3. What We Need to Cure AIDS?
    By Mark Harrington

Summer 2011

  1. Julie Davids Reflects on CHAMP and the Future of HIV Prevention Justice
    Interview with veteran HIV prevention and social justice activist Julie Davids.
  2. Moving an Exciting New TB Diagnostic From Policy to Practice
    By Javid Syed
  3. Vaccine Breakthrough Comes With Caveats
    By Richard Jefferys
  4. Clinical Trials Will Play a Vital Role in Charting the Path to an HIV Cure

Winter 2011

  1. The Past, Present and Future of HIV Microbicide Research Advocacy
    An interview with Polly Harrison, founder of the Alliance for Microbicide Development.
  2. The First New Tuberculosis Drug in Decades: Promise and Challenges
  3. HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Network to Take on New Research Priorities Under Severe Funding Constraints
    By Coco Jervis
  4. Microbicide Field Wrestles With the Implications of Success -- an Update


Autumn 2010

  1. Reinvigorating the Search for a Cure
    By Richard Jefferys
  2. Microbicide Field Wrestles With the Implications of Success
    By Richard Jefferys and Scott Morgan
  3. Access to Hepatitis C Treatment: A Global Movement Gains Momentum
    By Tracy Swan
  4. Deadly Economics Threaten Progress to Global Health Goals
    By Coco Jervis and Sue Perez
  5. National Institutes of Health Donates Protease Inhibitor Patent to UNITAID Medicines Patent Pool
    By Mark Harrington
  6. AIDS Drug Assistance Program in Crisis

Summer 2010

  1. Inflammatory Debate Over When to Start
    By Richard Jefferys
  2. A New Start for an Old Movement
    The making of the HIV Research Catalyst Forum.
    By Lei Chou and Coco Jervis
  3. Can More People Be Put on ART Without Increased Cost?
    By Scott Morgan
  4. What U.S. Health Care Reform Means for People With HIV
    Slow implementation for needed changes.
    By Sue Perez and Coco Jervis

Winter 2010

  1. World Health Organization HIV Treatment Guidelines Evolve
    Safer and more effective drug combinations included in new guidelines.
    By Mark Harrington
  2. NIAID Workshop: Elimination of HIV Reservoirs
    By Richard Jefferys
  3. Two New Classes of TB Drugs -- the First in 40 Years -- Advance Through Phase II Studies
    After 40 years of scientific stagnation, it is beginning to be an exciting time in tuberculosis treatment research.
    By Claire Wingfield
  4. As With HIV Treatment, Botswana Leads the Way With TB Prevention
    BOTUSA study strongly supports continuous preventive IPT for people with HIV.
    By Javid Syed
  5. TAG Goes to Cuba
    Cuba boasts model health outcomes but at what costs to human rights?
    By Coco Jervis
  6. Do The Right Thing
    Eliminating racial disparities in viral hepatitis drug development.
    By Lei Chou and Tracy Swan, presented at HEP DART 2009
  7. President Obama's Disappointing 2011 Budget Presents Sharp Gap Between Needs and Funds Available
    Negligible increases for AIDS, TB, viral hepatitis treatment and research.
    By Sue Perez
  8. Tools for TB Advocacy


Summer 2009

  1. AIDS Funding Backlash
    A conversation with Sue Perez and Gregg Gonsalves.
    By Scott W. Morgan
  2. The HIV Entry Ban: What's Next?
    A talk with Nancy Ordover.
    By Bob Huff
  3. A Long-Term Survivor
    The pioneering MACS cohort.
    By Gregg Gonsalves
  4. State AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Hepatitis Coverage (PDF)
  5. Two New TAG Publications
    Research funding gaps revealed

Winter 2008/2009

  1. TAG Sponsors "Cure Meeting"
  2. TAG Remembers Paul Newman


Summer 2008

  1. Sixteen Radical Steps to End the AIDS Epidemic
    By Mark Harrington
  2. Notes on the 2008 International AIDS Conference
    By Bob Huff
  3. Meet the Activists: Battling the TB/HIV Epidemic Through Community Action
  4. A Chimpanzee Tale: Why Are They Resistant to AIDS?
    By Richard Jefferys
  5. The Shrinking of PAVE100: Large-Scale Vaccine Trial Nixed
    By Richard Jefferys

Winter 2008

  1. Merck HIV Vaccine Trial Results: Hopes Dim for Struggling Field
    By Richard Jefferys
  2. Action Needed Against TB/HIV and the MDR- and XDR-TB Crisis
    By Theo Smart and Javid Syed
  3. Palm Project Interviews: A Talk With Steven Deeks
    By Richard Jefferys
  4. "Cure for AIDS" Finds New Life Among Scientists and Activists


September 2007

  1. Rapidly Progressing Hepatitis C in New York Gay Men
    By Tracy Swan
  2. The Sitges Statement on HCV Drug Development
  3. Studying New Drugs for HCV: Excerpts From the FDA Hearings
    By Bob Huff
  4. Worldwide Antiretroviral Drug Sales 2006
  5. Faster TB Test for Resource-Limited Settings
    By Theo Smart
  6. Basic Research is a Government Responsibility
    By Robert Siliciano, M.D., Ph.D.
  7. Immune Activation in HIV Infection: More Than Just Markers
    By Richard Jefferys


December 2006

  1. Activist Chides TB Congress for Complacency in Facing Drug Resistance
    By Theo Smart
  2. Tuberculosis Research & Development: A Critical Analysis
  3. How We Treat TB Today: A Talk With Gavin Churchyard
    By Mark Harrington
  4. TB Transmission in Healthcare Settings
    By Theo Smart
  5. Gut Reactions
    By Richard Jefferys
  6. Update: Leaking LPS
  7. In Brief
  8. GRACE Under Pressure
    By Rob Camp
  9. Editorial: What's Next? Leadership Lacking in Move From 3x5 to Universal Access
    By Mark Harrington

April 2006

  1. SMART Stops Stopping
    By Richard Jefferys
  2. HCV at CROI: Growing Chasm Between Bench and Bedside
    By Tracy Swan
  3. Overlapping Epidemics: TB, HIV and Viral Hepatitis
    By Tracy Swan
  4. TB Diagnostics: A Crisis for People Living With HIV/AIDS Worldwide
    By Javid Syed
  5. Co-Receptor Conundrum
    By Richard Jefferys


January 2005

  1. Dismal Science: Squandering Public Goodwill and Scarce Research Funds to Boot -- But to What End?
    By Richard Jefferys
  2. Well, How Did We Get Here? A Timeline for the Initiation of the RV144 Prime-Boost Trial
    By Richard Jefferys
  3. Late 2004 Changes to Federal (DHHS) Treatment Guidelines
  4. Caveat Lector, the Sequel: Tangle of Interests and Disclosure Omissions Cracks Authors' Case for Early, Aggressive Treatment
    By Mike Barr
  5. Taylor-ed Treatment: Brown University Clinician Leads the Way in Providing Competent Care to Coinfected Injectors
    By Tracy Swan
  6. Letters to the Editor


December 2004

  1. Truv�nadu: Does Gilead's Famed 903 Study Really Show You What They Tell You It Shows?
    By Steven Miles, M.D.
  2. Cell Therapy aka Therapeutic "Vaccine" Surprise Announcement for World AIDS Day
    By Mike Barr
  3. Project Inform's IX IRTT: Why the Tap 'n' Drainers Have Always Been Wrong; Plus, a New Theory About MDR HIV
    By Richard Jefferys
  4. Dogs and Ponies: Mixed Results (and Lots of Diarrhea) for the Tipranavir Studies; Plus Salvage Study Designs for JNJ/Tibotec's PI and Non-Nuke
    By Rob Camp and Mike Barr
  5. Who Provides You With Up-to-Date Treatment Information? Popular Treatment Information Resources for Doctors and Patients -- and Their Reliance on Pharmaceutical Largesse

October 2004

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