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About Us
The Body's Content Policy

The Body has won many awards for the rich and comprehensive selection of HIV/AIDS information it collects from leading organizations and experts. The Body is able to provide these organizations and experts with public space in which to exchange information and ideas. At times, some of these materials may be inconsistent or contradictory, but we believe that airing such differences will lead to the advancement of social, political and medical thought.

Each organization and each expert edits and publishes their own information, and each organization and each expert is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information published, the intellectual property rights of the materials put up and the opinions expressed in its area.

In addition, each organization and each expert is responsible for maintaining any obligations of confidentiality incumbent upon publishers of health-related information.

Users of The Body are encouraged to consult their own physicians regarding the applicability of any opinions expressed as to their own conditions. Materials are updated at the discretion of each organization and expert, and each organization and expert is responsible for informing users as to the accuracy of the information it provides.

Various trademarks and services, both registered and unregistered, may be used on Each of these trademarks and service marks are the legal property of their respective owners.

Any questions, comments and/or requests to reproduce content must be directed to the contact person for the organization that provided the material. For a list of our content providers, click here. Organizations that wish to publish materials from The Body, please contact The Body by e-mail at

Advertising Policy

It is The Body's policy to present advertising that is truthful and neither misleading nor deceptive. We ask that all advertising messages be prepared with proper consideration of the type of product being advertised and the audience to whom the advertising is directed. This policy is in keeping with state and federal laws and regulations. It is also simply a matter of good citizenship.

The Body reserves the right to reject advertising for any product or service submitted for carriage on its site. The Body also reserves the right to require elimination or revision of any material in any advertisement that violates our standards, federal, state or local laws or regulations or is otherwise contrary to the public interest. Furthermore, The Body reserves the right to require substantiation of the accuracy of express and implied claims made in advertisements submitted to The Body.

To preserve the integrity of The Body as a neutral forum for the presentation of information, it is our policy that the editorial content of the site be maintained strictly independent from and outside the influence of our advertisers. Consistent with this advertising policy, users of The Body will be made aware of the difference between consumer advertising and the materials provided by organizations that publish on The Body. The Body reserves the right to reject or require revision of advertising materials that tend to obscure the distinction between editorial and advertising content.

From time to time, The Body may create special advertorial sections of its websites, consisting of content from its advertisers. Content that is created or provided by an advertiser is clearly and unambiguously identified as an "Advertising Supplement." Such advertiser content is not subject to editorial review by The Body. Any content in these areas that The Body provides is clearly identified as such and is created and editorially reviewed by The Body and is not reviewed or influenced by advertisers.