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Hiv nightmare-a must read for people with symptoms!
      #274774 - 01/14/14 10:00 PM

It took me a long time to do this but here is my story or nightmare I should say. I am 27 years old. I made the mistake 5 months ago of having sex with a woman who used crack cocaine. This sex was protected mind you (I will get into that on a later time).I used an extra thin condom for feeling with no condom breakage or malfunction. I had shaved the day before. There were no visible cuts or knicks. I thought everything was fine. I said to myself I would never see this person again due to lifestyle afterwards though. I felt I was better than that.

Then the changes imy body started. I am a person who takes ALOT of pride in his looks. I worked out all the time as due to genes. I was prone to put on extra weight very easily. This is maybe 2 weeks after the sexual encounter that I started to notice Symptom#1-overheating. I helped my brother move and I noticed I was sweating more than normal. My brother sweats alot on his face and usually I dont but I was raining. I was also tired from moving a couple of things. Remember I said I work out all the time. I thought that was peculiar. I'm drinking almost everyday now. A week later I notice the most disturbing of my symptoms. Symptom#2 -exfoliative chelitis. This is an HIV forum and I'm sure people are still scratching thier heads wondering what this is. This is an autoimmune disorder where your lips produce skin at a faster rate than your own body can keep up with causing dead skin to pile up and peel off. This can leave your lips lookin very dry and unnatural. At this point I am freaking out. I can't get through work without alchohol and chapstick. I was still optimistic. In my ignorance I had thought I caught herpes from a woman i was seeing before who I had only kissed, but who had the genital form of herpes. I had not even thought anything about the protected I had with this promisucous drug user. That is how ignorant I was to STDs. Unfortunately this was just the beginnig.

On a side note i notice that people on HIV forums often say I dont want to judge of symptoms. The properly functioning human body dosen't just shut down without warning. It lets you know something is wrong. For most people who look at symptoms of HIV, not saying that the worst case scenerio is always true and you are infected, feel like if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck its well; a duck. I will talk about this more on another forum.

On to syptom #3-weight loss. I was at work one day and a coworker of mine asked me did you lose some weight. My job is physical and I had not that been eating as much due to stress but I was drinking beer like it was going out of style. Usually when I stop eating and suplement it with alchohol I gain weight ironically. I gain mass or weight very easily which is why remember I said I work out ALOT. So I even started to notice it. Its like the excess fat I tried so hard to get rid of had melted off. I was looking pretty damn good if you asked me but I was worried. I hadnt ramped up the excersise. In fact for the past couple weeks I hadnt even felt like working out. My arms also lookd like they had lost some muscle and fat.

I would wake up and dread what was coming next. Symptom#4-dry skin blotches on shoulders,iSymptom#5swollen lymph nodes in neck and groin, and Symptom#6-strange pulsing neck to where you can see it in the mirror. Symptom#7-nausea and diareah. As these symptoms occured I had been taking off of work so much. a co worker even made this exact comment to me "whats wrong kid run into some bad pun" even tho he was joking it was still surreal and hit to close to home. I am a strong beiliver in God and its like people usually people will tell u what u need to hear but sometimes we dont want to pay attention and thats the problem. Symptom#8 occured and I deveoped an eye floater. Now any medical professional will tell you that this is caused by a virus.

Symptom#9-chronic fatigue/cateplexy. I got to the ponit where I was falling asleep everywhere without warning. It was so bad I even dozed off in the car while drving not even 30 minuites and clipped a pedestrian. Yes nearly ran someone over walking in the sreet. By that time I had went on sick leave from my job because I was constantly taking off to go to the doctor. The next thing that I noticed I will not list as a symptom. Its more like the bodys or spirits internal voice and that is these incedible vivid dreams.

I could write a whole book about the vivid dreams. I dream every single time I fall asleep. They range from my past like my life is flashing before my eyes to angels and demons, but one in particular stuck out to me. I had a dream that I was babysitting this small white girl and her brother. It was nighttime and kids where playing a video game in the front room. The little girl was sitting indian style in front of the TV. The dream then switched to first person of the screen and i was playing the game literally. In the game you played the role of a good cell that went through the body clearing out all the germs and infections using a Wii pointer remote. It was sort of like the game Edibits mixed with modern day Pac-Man. At the end of the level the game is not over if you dont clear all the infection or you trigger a trap, rather your fictional character whose body your in is diagnosed with an illness depending on how much bad things you removed. After playing two levels my character had things like hay fever and measels. The dream then switched back to a full view of the nice big modern front room. It started to rain so I went to shut the window and closed the door. I turned around and saw the little girl staring at the screen. I asked her what is wrong and she very calmly turned her head as the dream zoomed in on her face and said of her fictional game character, "well he has aids, hes going to die". I then jolted awake with a touch of symptom#10-night sweats, but I have only had them a couple of times.

Well now I am a wreck. I feel alone. Like I am just existing. I'm constantly looking up HIV videos and articles like I already have it. In some ways knowing would be better than suspense. I now just have dry skin period. I have dry skin on my nose,eyebrows,and under my beard which I never had before. Then along comes symptom#11-folliticus. My hair is now coarse and brittle. I can litteraly sit and pull out hairs from my beard without much effort somtimes revealing inflamed bumps where the hair follicle has gotten full of bacteria. I made a diagram of all theses things and took them to the emergeny room at the 3 month period. I wanted to get tested again. The docor made joke of my woes by commenting, "you are just falling apart aren't you". I could not laugh as I was dead serious. I tested negative after waiting a couple of days. So here I am now after all of this at 5 and a half months post exposure. My lymph nodes are still a bit swollen and my neck is stiff when I wake up. Skin is still unusually dry, along with folliticus and new sympom#12-siunitis. It is a condition where my nose or left nostril rather is burning and running on and off. I tend to notice a little blood attached to the mucus from time to time. This is what im going through. From reading a lot of post similar people are going through the same symptoms and getting negative results. Some are not mustering up the courage to even wait the time period to test again. I just would like to know if its not HIV then what is it? A super bug that we all share? I appreciate all who have read my story until the end. Please comment if you like.

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Re: Hiv nightmare-a must read for people with symptoms! new
      #274777 - 01/15/14 12:47 AM

I deleted the your other post. There is no reason to spam this board. The reason that symptoms are not useful to discuss is because every symptom that might be attributed to HIV can also be found in hundreds of other diseases. I admit I marvel at how someone can be convinced they have HIV AGAINST all science. Like you.

Also early stages of HIV symptoms (ARS) don't last more than a week. So all this stuff going on is even more proof that you don't have HIV. Guess what, the whole skin piling up is also a symptom of eczema and plaque psoriasis both of which stress can bring on an episode.

Now on a personal note. I've been HIV positive for 18 years and haven't been on medications in about 5. Guess what. I don't have any of your symptoms you believe to point to HIV. As far as that weight loss. Do you think my HIV will kick in soon so I can lose some. I'm losing the extra 20 I've gain in the last 10 years, the old fashion way. Diet.

Dreams? You're not taking Sustiva as a precaution are you? It's the only thing I've heard of that will give someone with HIV strange dreams.

Bottom line. You had protected sex. That is not considered a risk. It doesn't even make the CDC's chart of possible exposures. Every single one they list involves UNPROTECTED sex with a person that is HIV positive. Not protected.

It's hard with your rambling to determine exactly what point in time you tested. A couple of days after or 3 months later a couple days after the ER doctor told you to get a grip. So....if you have not tested post 3 months, do so. If you have and it's negative, then move on. Focusing on something you don't have will only delay you discovering what you do have.

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Reged: 01/15/14
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Re: Hiv nightmare-a must read for people with symptoms! new
      #274789 - 01/15/14 04:23 PM

It was protected intercourse so you was not exsposed to hiv at all

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