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Medicine - To be or not to be
      #9444 - 09/10/00 07:17 PM

I have also posted a note on the Living W/ Hiv board, but thought I would try here too. Over there, all I got was a message filled with hate...
Anyway I was just diagnosed after having trouble with chronic yeast infections, all this trouble started after I got a flu shot for the first time?! Anyone want to comment on that too?!
What I want to know, is should I jump all over the cocktail bandwagon and run the risk of doing more harm than good (Ive been reading a lot against meds so early) CD4 Count is low? 202 and Viral Load kind of high 200,000. Other that the yeast infections, which no one really wants to address, I feel good and take lots of B6 and B 12. A, E and Iron. Would like to try chinese and homeopathy medicine first. I'm afraid of the whole AZT thing. Thank you for your help.
And please, if you've only got somehing nedgative to say, don't bother to respond. I want to hear from those who are sincere. :0)

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Re: Medicine - To be or not to be new
      #9580 - 09/13/00 11:31 PM

well Happy I'm glad you are here allso, and I read the sh*# that the assholes posted. I'll do the best i can, not knowing youre body type, youre health history, etc.
I was diagnosed in Sept. 1989, i have ben + many years now, i still live a healthy and productive life. I so far have not taken any HIV/AIDS meddies, my T-cell counts verry but they stay in the range of 300 to 500 every 3 months. My Viral load stays in the range of 4,000 to 13,000, and the only perscription drug i take is Bactrum. I do take vutamins
and a few hurbs, but they are the performance herbs, and Echania. I eat what i want, dont diet or any drastic changes in my normal food. I do ride my bicycle 4 days a week and average over 120 mi a week( it may sound like a lot if you dont ride). When i keep my mileage up my VLstays around the 4,000 mark, when my milege is down it gos up some , and the same for my t-cells, but up with my milege and down with it. I am not telling u to go get a bike, or start running or anything that you dont want to do. im just telling you what workes for me. I have ridden all the California Aids Rides, and have sighned up for next years allready.
I have found exercise(cardio), and normal living ( I still work 40+ hrs a week) have kept me sane through all the years, someone once told me " you can't go back and fix yesterday, all you can do is make youre decisions for now, and hope they are right for tomarrow."
Thanx Bill

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Re: Medicine - To be or not to be (thank you)! new
      #9614 - 09/14/00 09:38 PM

Thank you so much! I guess each case is different. I am taking Bactrum too along with Combiver and Sustiva. I quit for a week just cause I got scared, but I want to feel well-- the bike thing sounds great. Exercise would do me a world of good I know, but sometimes I just don't have the energy. I am 26yrs old female 125 pounds. 5'5" or 6" depending on how straight I stand.
Thank you so much for your insight and I hope that you keep on truckin'.

Happy2Bhere! :0)

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Re: Medicine - To be or not to be (thank you)! new
      #11565 - 10/29/00 09:06 PM

I have had hiv since 1987, aids since 1996. Over the years there have been times when taking a medication holiday was such a relief physically and mentally. my viral load and cd4 did ok until stress got too intense or prolonged necessitating going back on meds. I dont take flu shots anymore although I have in the past. As for yeast infections, I have not had one in eight years. I attribute this to not wipes out the necessary flora/fauna in the female area. may sound gross, but the internal body does clean itself quite well. Maintain external hygene. If you get the flu, the #1 homeopathic remedy in europe is oscillococcenum and is available at most drug stores.

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Natual is best new
      #12408 - 11/17/00 05:31 AM

We should all be glad to be here...I am.

I know how you feel I was on the other board and it's like they were so negative about everything I had to say.

I am so glad to finally hear someone wanting to try something natural first. I have an article I want you to read, please read it because I know several hundred people using this including myself with fantastic results.

One young lady in particular has been taking chemo for the past 18 months. When I first meet her she couldn't have been over 90 pounds, no hair, no energy, sick all the time from chemo. The doctors told her her blood was to unstable so he was going to give her 5 months rest before starting again. She's been on chemo this time for 2 months and she has actually gained about 30 pounds has a full head of hair, and has enough energy to get her full time job back and isn't sick. She is drinking Tahitian Noni.

Please read this and get back to me



Much of the information for this article was obtained from an interview with Dr. Darryl M. See, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, in the division of Infectious Diseases, at UC - Irvin Medical School. Dr. See has published several text book chapters and over twenty-five peer-review journal articles on chronic viral illnesses and immunologic disorders.
Dr. see has spent the past five years screening over four hundred different natural products in the laboratory for safety and immunologic enhancement. During that time his work has focused on an immune system cell called the natural killer cell. In an article published by Dr. See in the Scandinavian Journal of Immunology in April 1997, Dr. See describes the importance of this cell in protecting the body from viral infections and cancers. According to Dr. See, his philosophy in the treatment of chronic immunologic or viral diseases is to stimulate or balance the immune system in a non-toxic manner using natural products. Dr. See notes that the vast majority of the natural products that he has screened have not passed his vigorous testing procedures. Some he has found, are actually quite toxic to immune cells. Most of the products simply have no effect at all on natural killer cell function. Still others had some effect, but led to the production of stimulated natural killer cells that produce hormones that can imbalance the global immune system function. However, one natural product tested by Dr. See about which he is very excited is (Tahitian) Noni. Dr. See notes that Noni is completely non-toxic and that his laboratory work has shown that Noni increased the natural killer cell function in persons with normal immune systems, as well as in patients with defective immune systems, such as people with AIDS and chronic Fatigue Syndrome. And it does not disrupt the normal immune system balance.
According to Dr. See, there are a large number of diseases that are characterized by decreased natural killer cell function. These include autoimmune diseases such as lupus, all types of cancers, some forms of diabetes, hepatitis B and C, and all viral infections. In addition, Dr. See notes that pregnancy and injuries, as well as a host of other processes that each of us encounters on a daily basis, act to decrease natural killer cell function. Studies have been done which show that there is a correlation between low natural killer cell function and chronic fatigue in otherwise normal individuals. Basis upon such studies, it appears that the natural killer cells regulate the body is some way in which normal functioning is required to maintain normal energy levels. When natural killer cells are suppressed from stress or anxiety for example, people are much more susceptible to colds and flu. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with chemicals and toxins in our air, water, and soil. They are everywhere; Scientists have even found them at the North Pole.
According to Dr. See, each of us has cells in our body which have their DNA damaged on a daily basis. This leads to cancerous cells. One primary reason why these do not flourish into full-blown cancers, is that natural killer cells scavenge our body, searching out and destroying these cells before they can cause further damage. Since we cannot get away from dangerous pollutants, it seems that the most logical approach is to focus on protecting our immune system from their harmful effects.
Dr. See's laboratory studies with Noni have yielded some exciting results. First, in people with normal immune systems, Noni increased the function of their natural killer cells by fifty percent. Therefore, even people with normal immune systems can, according to Dr. See's, use Noni to assist in guarding their body from fatigue, cancer formation, the onset of chronic diseases and colds and flu's. The effects of Noni in Dr. See's work on patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who have severely decreased natural killer cell function, were more pronounced. Natural killer cell function increased by over 300% with the introduction of Noni. The final group studied by Dr. See was AIDS patients. These patients have extremely low natural killer cell function, which decreases with the progress of their illness. Sr. See's work in the laboratory showed that the addition of Noni stimulates natural killer cell function by up to 700%. Gilbert Nordan, one of Dr. See's patients, had researched a variety of alternative methods for combating AIDS, before trying Noni. After adding Noni to his regime of vitamins and alternative therapies for just 37 days, blood tests confirmed a reduction in Gilbert's viral load that Dr. See labeled as both "statistically and clinically significant."
Studies have shown that patients with the highest natural killer cell function do the best. Maintaining natural killer cell function is important in preventing and fighting many chronic diseases. It can also be important for healthy people to do as much as possible to strengthen their immune system, as protection against the adverse effects of daily stress, as well as from pollutants that bombard the immune system. Dr. See has been so encouraged by the results of his laboratory work that he is planning clinical trials using Noni on patients with AIDS.

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Darren Welsh

Re: Medicine - To be or not to be new
      #14516 - 01/06/01 04:17 AM

I have a friend in Africa that has informed me he is HIV positive and he is asking that I sending Lamivudine, Ziduvudine and Invirase. I have no idea what these are and am trying to research to get these and send them over. I have heard of this Lee Wildes or helps gaining meds outside of a prescription, can anyone give me a little direction?

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Re: Medicine - To be or not to be new
      #14929 - 01/21/01 10:23 PM

If AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease then why....

Does Texas have fifteen times MORE aids mortalities than California?
California includes San Francisco, West Hollywood and 90% of the US porn industry. Clean cut Texas now accounts for a stunning 41.6953% of ALL U.S. 'AIDS' deaths.

Does Alaska with the highest per capita population of prostitutes (who come to the State from all over America) have NO 'AIDS' deaths? Mortalities in Alaska have been zero for two years running.

Does Nevada with it's legal prostitution have such low AIDS figures that it does not even both to compile detailed statistics?

Did the U.S. Army study of 1.1 million G.I.'s who were stationed in the Phillipines (over a ten year period) and kept 100,000 prostitutes in business (70% were said to be HIV positive) show only ONE was HIV positive (not sick)? This was the only case of mass HIV testing in the World. Condoms in the Phillipines are of such poor quality that only 8% can even hold water.

Why did the CDC study of the sexual transmission of HIV show that it was almost impossible to transmit it sexually" Quote: - "It takes a minimum of five million, unprotected, sexual encounters with an HIV positive person to servo convert (catch AIDS) to HIV positive" - CDC Report.

It is hard to find a single HARD FACT that supports the idea that AIDS is sexually transmitted.

This book puts the case well.

Author Michael Fumento, in his book The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, offers substantial evidence that white, middle-class, non IV drugabuser heterosexuals are in less danger of contracting AIDS thru non-anal, sexual intercourse than they are of dying from shark attacks, being hit by lightning, or accidentally drowning in the bathtub. The
book is very well referenced and documented.

The book was reviewed by the Journal of the American Medical Assn as "the best single source available to enable heterosexual persons to assess their personal risk."

....and here are the official figures for 1999

Only 23 States in the Union reported AIDS deaths in 1999 but according to the CDC they represent 83% of the entire nation .

Total reported deaths in the entire United States in 1999 were 2,667

41.69% of ALL deaths in the United States of America were in Texas (1112 of a total of 2667)

About 87% were male.
The vast majority were African American or Hispanic or other minorities.
Deaths attributed to heterosexual sex ranged from 1% in Alabama to 16% in Rhode Island
The few figures published for 2000 show deaths are almost zero.
Example: Colorado: 1, New Mexico 1, Washington: 2 (in first two months of 2000).


California. 19 (first three months of 1999)
Washington 77
Oregon 8
Arizona 33
Idaho 3
Utah 6
Montana (not published but only 233 deaths since 1983)
Colorado 22 (1 in 2000)
Nebraska 67 (11 in 2000)
Oklahoma 0
Texas 1112
Minnesota 54
Ohio 44
Virginia 18
North Carolina (not available for 1999 but 64 in 1998)
Georgia 75
New York 291
Maryland 429
Maine (not available for 1999 but 16 in 1998)
New Hampshire (not available for 1999 but 2 in 1998)
Connecticut 242
Hawaii 104
Alaska 0 (figure for 1998 also 0)


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Re: Medicine - To be or not to be new
      #14948 - 01/21/01 10:35 PM

There is a psychological test that tells a story about four characters: - Bob, a Woman, a Sage (wise man) and a Ferryman. The story is designed in such a manner that the positive and negative attributes of each character are exactly balanced but an imperative (emotion, logic etc) is embodied in the actions of a particular character’s behavior.

The patient, after listening to the story, is asked to list in order of preference which characters they are most sympathetic too. The Woman represents emotion; the Sage is logic,
Bob is a symbol of obsession and the Ferryman represents commerce/materialism.

The test is using a technique called Equal Weighting, which extracts the subject’s bias (character) from their interpretation of the story. So what is my point? I have been posting facts and figures from the Center for Disease Control, The FDA, main stream publications like the LA Times and the Guardian (UK) that do not create a picture of AIDS as the sexually transmitted virus epidemic that the AIDS movement has promoted. The facts are coming from EXACTLY the same sources as the scare statements, but tend to be more scientific in nature.

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Re: Natual is best new
      #24475 - 11/11/01 03:05 PM

I realize your posting is quite old, but I am interested in finding out the progress of Tahitian Noni and where I might obtain it. Thank you.

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