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Reged: 09/22/11
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I just found out and need some help!!
      #257741 - 09/22/11 01:55 PM

I just found out that i am hiv positive after going to the doctor for something completely un-related but he had me get one after i told him i was gay. I went and got the test done thinking there was no way because i never had sex without protection and always asked anyone i did anything with if they got tested for std's and other stuff like hiv. I tried to be careful but in the end my test still came back positive. Here i can only assume its because i did have unprotected sex once with this guy i started dating and the condom broke once as well. I had asked and he said he had nothing and got checked every 3 to 6 months. Well I guess he gave it to me and i told him, so that he could make sure he has it or not and to get checked. I cant believe this happened to me and that from this one time I kinda condemned myself to loosing a possible 20 years off my life. I really wanted to ask if i started treatments, I am only 22, will the virus change and kill me at an earlier age than people without hiv? Also will there be any complications from the medications? What did i get myself into? Honestly i just came out to my parents so i dont want to throw this on them and have them think differently of me. Shortly after my diagnosis i felt like killing myself and how much easier that would be than living with this. Please give me any information that would help me understand this disease and any possibilities out there that there could be a cure soon

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Reged: 09/08/11
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Re: I just found out and need some help!! new
      #257744 - 09/22/11 04:15 PM

First of all breathe, calm down and try and relax. It's going to be ok. It sounds like you are having major anxiety so I would recommend asking your doctor to put you on anti anxiety medication ASAP such as clonopin. If your having trouble sleeping get on some sleeping medicine, as you need your sleep. If your not taking a multi vitamin start taking them. Finaly just find a Doctor that you like, that doesn't stress you out, one with a calm approach and listen to him/her. I know it's something no one wants but it really isn't as big of a deal as you may think. The stigma from the 80"s that this is a death sentence is thankfully no longer the case. Your going to be fine. I take one pill a day at night and the only negative side affect is I have some wild dreams. I take Atripla. I would only recommend telling people you absolutely know you can trust and who will be there for you for support. You don't need to tell anyone else. I made the mistake of telling my mother and I totally regret it. If you need additional support look for support groups in your area. Be very careful at what you read on the internet. There's crazy info and people out there who are negative and focus on negativity. I avoid this info and these people. HIV does not identify who you are unless you let it. I only have to see my doctor, who I respect and enjoy seeing, just twice a year, and it's mostly a social visit. It sucks but don't freak out. It going to be ok. Peace and Love to you. Be strong.....

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Reged: 09/17/11
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Re: I just found out and need some help!! new
      #257931 - 09/26/11 06:57 AM


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Reged: 09/27/11
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Re: I just found out and need some help!! new
      #258014 - 09/27/11 09:11 PM

Iam 42. Been diagnosed since Aug 1994 . There really is nothing to be alarmed about. Don;t let the virus control you, you control the virus.Thats how i deal with it.Iam now on meds for about 7 years but its nothing drastic 1 tab in the morn and 2 at night. I just pop em and get on with life..I am a care support worker and some folk with other ailments ie. parkinsons, ms are far worse off and I'd rather be HIV than have some other common disease etc.

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Reged: 09/26/11
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Re: I just found out and need some help!! new
      #258034 - 09/28/11 02:32 AM

I was diagnosed earlier this year during a routine check up. I was in shock for a while and I couldn't talk to anyone. My mind was going crazy. There wasn't much I could do but to accept the fact that I was tested positive. I started reading every info I could find on the internet. Along the way I learned that I didn't have to die from this virus and that I could still enjoy my life like everyone else in the world.
I also read many many books just to keep my mind off of the virus. I didn't miss work, parties or shopping. I don't have to give up on anything and you don't either. Just try to relax and keep living. Your life doesn't have to stop here.

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Reged: 10/01/10
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Re: I just found out and need some help!! new
      #258127 - 09/29/11 07:23 PM

I can't address your question of a cure. However, I would like to address your talk of suicide. I have been poz for about 6 years now, DX at age 53. As a closeted married bi, it was very difficult to tell my wife,but what choice did I have? After the initial shock, she has been very supportive (helps to have a gay son). I've been on meds since day one; my doc believed in hit it early, hit it hard. I expect to live a normal life other than having to take a pill every day and practice safe sex.

As for telling your parents, who says it is necessary? No one other than my doctor and my wife know my status, and frankly it is none of their business. Of course, if I ever have to have medical treatment, I'll have to disclose; but other than that, it is no one's business.

I know the initial DX is depressing, but with time, you should get better. If not, seek counseling for no other reason than to get on some medication for your depression.

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Reged: 10/02/11
Posts: 5
Loc: North Carolina
Re: I just found out and need some help!! new
      #258217 - 10/02/11 06:16 AM

I understand how you feel. I was diagnosed as HIV positive when I was 24 years old. I am now 49 years old, so that was 25 years ago. The medicines are much better now than they were back then. So, you definitely have the opportunity to live a long life. You get to determine whether this happens, but you need to learn to monitor your health, get regular medical checkups, and learn as much as you can about living with AIDS. Also, be sure that you inform your partners of your status. There are a lot of other HIV positive people just like you. Some of us choose to only date other HIV positive guys so that we don't have to worry about accidentally infecting someone else, but this is your decision to make.
Hang in there. This is something that you can definitely live with.

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Reged: 10/04/11
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Loc: oklahoma
Re: I just found out and need some help!! new
      #258313 - 10/04/11 11:04 PM

hey just because you are diagnosed hiv positive it is not the end of the world for you. You got your whole life ahead of you still. When I was diagnosed with aids I thought my life was over in 2009. Today Im living my dream, married and have two beautiful children, and an attorney in a law firm. keep moving forward.

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Reged: 07/26/04
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Re: I just found out and need some help!! new
      #258407 - 10/09/11 02:52 AM

Trust me. You are going to be fine. The emotions that you are feeling are common. I was diagnosed 9 years ago when I was a 28 years old and uninsured. I had many of the same feelings and did not know how I would live with this. I have surrounded myself with wonderful people. I was able to finish two degrees, get a great job with full benefits and live a productive life. I have to tell you that you will go through many emotions from this point on but I have to tell you that you are an awesome person deserving of so much love. You will still accomplish so many things in your life and there are so many people here to support you.

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Reged: 10/05/05
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Loc: fl
Re: I just found out and need some help!! new
      #258503 - 10/13/11 12:18 PM

i was diagnosed 6 years ago at 33.... i started meds right away & have come back stronger & healthier than i can ever remember i have been. like all the previous posters are telling you, its gonna be ok. its a lot to take in, is overwhelming, scary & a lot of information to process at one time - especially if it came completely out of left field. i found out i was poz because i ended up in the ER. up until that point i was completely asymptomatic. i had been poz for about 8 years & didnt know it before my body just strted to shut down. initilally the doctors thought i had cancer. test after test after test came back negative... all except one.

there are so many people out there who will help you, that will listen & support you. killing yourself will take away so much more than your life. all of us here can certainly understand the fear & uncertainty, but death is permanent. you'll be robbing yourself & everyone who loves you & will ever love you of that love that make you, you. you have many many many years ahead of you. far more good than bad.. so hang in there. i promise itlll get easier.

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Reged: 11/10/05
Posts: 31
Loc: Alabama
Re: I just found out and need some help!! new
      #258642 - 10/22/11 03:33 PM

Hey Drew:
Give this all time. The initial first few months after diagnosis is frightening, and with the negative stigma our culture has concerning HIV and other STDs it just adds to the stresses in our lives. I have not read the responses that others have posted on your query but I am sure many of them will tell you that a sense of normality will return back to your life once again. You will have to add going to the physician’s office about twice per year to your schedule and when and if you are placed on medications it is extremely important to take them every day and about the same time each day. My partner has an alarm on his cell phone at 8:00pm and he has been compliant on taking his medications property. He added one of those chrome pill holders to his key chain that you get at the local dime store or pharmacy to keep an extra pill in if we are out shopping or over at friends when it is time to take his antiviral pill. There is a huge problem with many of our peers that are non-compliant on taking their pills correctly and that is eventually going to cause more mutations and problems with this virus as time marches on. So to add more years to your life I strongly suggest that you take your pills as directed. Keep using safe precautions with intimacy to avoid spreading this infection to others or adding another strain of HIV or other diseases like HPV and Hepatitis A, B, and C to the mix. This is not a death sentence like it used to be back in the days after diagnosis you had about 2-7 years to survive.
We all can learn to adapt to survive physically and mentally. Anytime someone is told that they have a potentially debilitating disease like Diabetes, MS, or even HIV we eventually deal with the cards dealt and cope and return to just about the same comforts and style of living we had prior to this knowledge. I was in your same shoes in 2005 and life marched on and I accepted this situation and made the best of it. I’ve returned to my usual trivial battle with pulling weeds in the yard, having coffee with neighbors, working 8-5 and planning my weekend projects. Some of my positive friends and peers have used this diagnosis to actually improve their lives or change focus to become active in fighting HIV, becoming peer counselors, going to school to become health educators and the like. Maybe channeling your energy into helping to fight this War on HIV will help you cope with this initial diagnosis? As for coming out of the “Red” closet that is an individual choice you can make regarding telling your social support and family members. Even to this day my family does not know about my diagnosis although I have come out to most of my friends about my HIV status.

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Reged: 07/19/11
Posts: 901
Re: I just found out and need some help!! new
      #259180 - 11/26/11 04:23 AM

I'm sorry sucedido.Se to be fine!

but do not understand how the ELISA was positive? if you were not at risk

the only person with whom you had unprotected sex was HIV negative at 6 months

Here truth amazes me and scares me!

I do not understand

Maybe you did some couple oral sex without a condom?

Answer me please I'm afraid

have made the western blotting?

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